Monday, September 19, 2011

Phototherapy's a threepeat

Remember this?

click here

And this?

and here

Well, this time, we had this:

And these crack me up. Aidric and Juliet came to visit, but no one told them Cormac was under phototherapy lights. Aidric walked in and just stopped and froze when he saw him, kind of freaked out. He didn't want to go anywhere near him. Juliet walked in and immediately pulled up a chair for a better look. She then sang him a few songs that went something like, "don't cry baby brother, we're here now...there's nothing to cry ok".

When that didn't stop him from crying, she resorted to making funny faces.

He was under the lights for just under 24 hours. His bilirubin levels were actually higher than either Aidric or Juliet's were. 14.3 at 70 hours old. I'm not going to lie, I was incredibly unhappy that the hospital staff hadn't been more proactive. 70 hours old was the first time they checked his bili levels, despite my repeatedly asking them to and reminding them of his increased risk factors. (coombs+ and 2 siblings who had high levels that required treatment). All is well that ends well though and after 24 hours, his levels were down to 11.3 and he was discharged shortly after!

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