Sunday, September 4, 2011

Yahtzee Junior

It was the summer of Yahtzee Jr. at our house. (or maybe still is?)

Aidric received this game from his friend Jack for his birthday. He loooooves it. And I have to admit, I'm also a big fan. (such a welcome departure from a game like Trouble or Candyland, when you get sent back home and have to start over a millions times resulting in never ending games)

I took these one day just to document/remember one of his favorite things to do at age 4!

(Oh, and hidden bonus of yahtzee jr. is that he is learning to add! At the end of each game, you have to add up your score. We have him help us and he's really caught on. He's memorized most of the sums between 1+1 and 5+5, but he also knows how to count it out to add other combos.)

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