Sunday, June 28, 2009

back to California!

No, we're not GOING back to California quite yet, but we're getting the blog back to CA to finish up the posts from our fun trip there! I've been waaaaay behind! Here are some pictures from our morning at Balboa Park- what a great place to spend the day! We went to the Air and Space Museum and then the train museum. The highlight of Aidric's day was DEFINITELY the gift shop there! He was in train heaven.

Aidric refused to get in the little plane, but how hilarious is this?

Grace is ready to go!

Uncle Louie

Aidric was happier to be hanging with daddy.

Chris took some great pictures at the water fountain while we took a break for me to feed Juliet.

Watching the trains

Friday, June 19, 2009

big kids

Someone is holding her own bottle....

And someone else is wearing big boy underwear.

Here he is throwing out all of his diapers!

It's too much for me. How are they growing so fast?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Does it get any better than this?

Every day, the relationship between Aidric and Juliet just gets more and more adorable. Yesterday, I was helping her clap for him when he did something. I would clap her hands together and say "yeah, Aidric". I left the room and when I came back, he was holding both of her hands, helping her clap and saying, "yeah dules!!"

Then we got him up from his nap, he asked me to put Jules in his crib. So I did, and he sat there reading her his book for the next 10 minutes. When I picked her up, he said, "No mommy; dules here" and pointed to his crib. At one point, he said something about downstairs, so I asked if he was ready to get up and go downstairs and he said, "no...MOMMY downstairs!" Basically, letting me know that he wanted Juliet to stay, but I was dismissed. I took that as my cue to run down and grab the camera.

He's helping her turn the page here.

This morning, I had them both in the stroller and was trying to snap a few pictures. So, I'm standing there trying to get Juliet's attention, calling her name and making silly noises. Aidric leans over, touches her hand, and says, "look at mommy duliet". The funny thing is, she listened and looked right at me, but he was looking at her!

Finally, as I was putting her down for her morning nap, Aidric was jumping around at my feet saying, "Good nappy duliet- see you when wake up" and "love you duliet- nappy time". He's never done this before, but was clearly just copying what he hears me say to her/him when they go down for naps!

I think when you have a second child, you worry a lot about whether or not that child will receive as much attention as your first and whether they will suffer because of it. How can you possibly be the same parent you were to #1 and how can you give #2 the same opportunities? Well, you can't. But, although you might not take 50 pictures of their first time eating green beans, in so many (more important) ways you are a BETTER parent and even more importantly, #2 gets something that #1 never older sibling. And that makes up for everything else, I think.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sea World!!

We started the day with the Shamu show. Aidric was not a big fan- he didn't seem afraid of the whales or the show; but the crowd cheering scared him every time.

Gracie and Richard ready for the show.

All the boys...

The cousins hanging out in the stroller.

For Grace, the day winded down like this. Doesn't she look so sweet and peaceful?

No matter how many times we pushed him around the park in a stroller, this kid would not give up and nap. At least he was happy. (for the most part....)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Seaport Village

We kicked our 5 day vacation in California off with a 2 day trip to San Diego. The first night there, we took a walk to Seaport Village.
This involved a train sighting, duck viewing and a delicious dinner, followed by walking out to see the ocean. Uncle Louie was a BIG hit with Aidric, as was the train that passed while he was hanging out on Chris's shoulders.
There will be a few posts to follow with pictures of Sea World, Balboa Park and just general cuteness =).

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Say sorry daddy....

You've got to love this kid. We had a challenging day with A LOT of "Are you ready to say you are sorry, Aidric?", "Aidric, tell Lily you are sorry" and "You are not coming out of time out until you tell mommy you are sorry."

So, while we were on our way home from Babies R Us, I got a text from Chris that he was going out for a run. I was not happy that he wouldn't be home when we got home, as it had been a looong day.

We were sitting at the table eating when he came in and he realized something was wrong. He asked if I was mad at him for going for a run, and I replied that I wasn't happy with his timing.

That was all Chris and I said, but without missing a beat, Aidric chimed in, "Say sorry daddy".

Seriously, love him.

Monday, June 1, 2009

As promised, Juliet is SIX MONTHS OLD!!!

Taking pictures on the white seamless paper always SEEMS like a good idea...until it comes time to edit them. It is slow, here are just two of Juliet on her SIX MONTH birthday. I don't know how that is even possible.

We went to the pedi today for well checks. Jules is a whopping 16 lbs. 9 oz and only 25 inches. For those of you doing the percentile math...that's 60-70% for weight and 25% for height. She's got some major chub going on and it's seriously delicious!

Just one picture of our TWO YEAR OLD

doesn't he look like he's at least 5?? he's only smiling so cute b/c he knew there was a cupcake on its way to him....i'll post more of the "session" later. (thanks mollie for helping me figure out how to edit this one!!!)

and yes, we also have a SIX MONTH old. i tortured her with about 200 pictures on sunday too, so there will be another post for that - hopefully tonight!