Monday, June 28, 2010

Goodness, I love them....

And yes, I KNOW what you are going to say mom. I know he needs a haircut, but I'm afraid they are going to cut it too short and then I'll hate I'm procrastinating...

Despite that, they're awfully cute...

Friday, June 25, 2010

3 year old priorities

Chris and the kids were watching a Word World video last night while I was making dinner. I stubbed my toe and of course that means mumbled cursing and grunting. Aidric asked what happened and if I was OK. I told him I hurt my toe. His response? "I will come in and kiss it for you when this show is over, mommy." First things first, right?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bouncy House Fun!

Aidric got a bouncy house for his birthday! (joint gift from us and Grandma and Papa Sytsma)

Aidric and Jules both love it and it's a special treat when we blow it up for them. Taking pics of them in it is tough, so last night I didn't even attempt to get "technically correct" pictures. I just wanted to capture the fun. So ignore the crazy out of focusness of these and enjoy the action!

(Let's also ignore the crazy unmatched outfits. I swear they look very cute and presentable when we leave the house in the morning. But after lunch, they are generally messy enough that I want them in fresh clothes for naps, so they pick out whatever they want to sleep in. After naps, it's not usually worth the battle to change them if we're not leaving the house anyway!)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sibling Love

So, we went to Rocket Ship Park yesterday. And while we were there, our kids just wanted to stand there hugging with the scenic background behind them. We tried to get them to run around and play, but they just wanted to hug.

RIGHT!!!! So, what really happened is that Chris carried Juliet over to the spot I requested. And then I bribed Aidric to go hug Juliet by telling him that he could have a chocolate milky with his lunch. And then I yelled for Chris to turn them TOWARDS me so I could capture this pure sibling love at its best, rather than just Aidric's back. (I kind of like the first story better though.)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

these pictures really should have been part of the last post..

I just imported these today and I so wish it had been before I did the last post!

Here she is in time out for pulling Aidric's hair. (repeatedly)

and "helping" me put the groceries away.

Little Miss Sassy Pants is 18 months old!

Sassy Pants is only one of many many nicknames we have for Juliet. Others include, Jules, Julesy, JZ, Stinker Bug, Stinker Butt, Little Chica, Cutie Patootie and baby girl.

I think sassy pants describes her best though. Seriously, I love this child....she cracks me up all day long, but she is SASSY! If I say, "Jules, come over here", she will turn and run in the other direction...even if she had previously been on her way over to me.

Exhibit A:
She loves to put her foot up on the counter. Chris will tell her to put it down and this is the exact look she gives him. Like she has no interest in what his opinion is on where her feet are. He'll go over and put it down for her, with a stern "no-no". She'll wait until he walks away and then she puts it right back up.

Our little supermodel...

A tea party for one...

For as sassy as she is, she's super sweet as well. She wakes up in the mornings and from naps and just talks and sings to herself for 5 minutes to an hour before she stands up and starts calling us. I went in to get her the other day and as soon as I opened the door, she just put her arms out and said, "Pease?" I love that at 18 months, she also says "daint doo" unprompted MOST of the time when she is given something.

Other things we're lovin' right now:

*Her sweet kisses that always come with a loud "muwah".

*The way she brings Aidric his cloud blankey and pats him on the back when she thinks he needs it.

*How she'll pick up a book and then back her way onto our laps to read it.

*Her amazing ever growing vocabulary. This is just SUCH a fun age and new words are added every day.....she'll repeat ANY word we teach her, and she uses quite a few on her own.

*How FEISTY she is. We were at the park the other day and a little boy pushed her to get by her on the stairs. She was on a rocking horse/toy a bit later and he walked up to her. Before he could even touch her, she looked down and GROWLED at him. He was totally shocked and backed away. His dad was cracking up that his 3 year old was "schooled" by an 18 month old girl! She can definitely hold her own!

What SHE'S loving now:
tea parties
wagon rides
taking all of our kids cups/bowls out of the cabinet
bath time with Aidric
her disgusting lovies (2 have fallen apart...only 1 still standing)
play dough

rough schedule of her day:
6:45/7:15: awake
7:15/7:30: ready to get up
7:30 breakfast
9:00 generally, we're out of the house for playgroup, a park, errands or the gym
12:00 home for lunch
1:00 down for nap
3:30/4:00 awake
4:00/4:30 ready to get up
playing at home, in the yard, going for walks, maybe a show
6:30 dinner
7:00 bath
7:30 books and bed

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Doctor Update

Took them both to the doctor today. They have both had ear infections for over a month now. THREE rounds of antibiotics. They were also due for their well checks, so it was a big appointment. Luckily, Chris was able to meet us there. A hearing test, vision test, 2 weight checks, 2 height checks, 4 ear checks, 5 vaccines, 1 TB test, multiple snacks, numerous questions, and 1.5 hours later, we made it out.

They've both had major growth spurts! Aidric has FINALLY jumped out of the 50% for height. He's in the 65% at 37.5". He's 40% for weight at 31 lbs. even.

Juliet is a whopping 22 lbs. 7 oz. which seems like so much since she hung out at 20-21 lbs. for about 6 months. That puts her in the 25%. She's 31.5", which is the 40%.
Sadly, she still has some redness and thick fluid in one ear. We've been referred to an ENT specialist for her. Ear tubes may or may not be in her future, we'll see.

Other than the ears, they are both in great health. It is always such a blessing to leave the doctor's office with that news!