Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bouncy House Fun!

Aidric got a bouncy house for his birthday! (joint gift from us and Grandma and Papa Sytsma)

Aidric and Jules both love it and it's a special treat when we blow it up for them. Taking pics of them in it is tough, so last night I didn't even attempt to get "technically correct" pictures. I just wanted to capture the fun. So ignore the crazy out of focusness of these and enjoy the action!

(Let's also ignore the crazy unmatched outfits. I swear they look very cute and presentable when we leave the house in the morning. But after lunch, they are generally messy enough that I want them in fresh clothes for naps, so they pick out whatever they want to sleep in. After naps, it's not usually worth the battle to change them if we're not leaving the house anyway!)


Gretchen said...

You will never, ever regret this purchase!! Love these!

Megan said...

My kids would DIE to have their own bouncy house. How fun!! And I think you did great capturing these pictures. :)

Kate said...

so freaking fun!!! Love the looks on their faces! :)

Beth said...

Soooo much fun!!! My sister had one of those and the kids just LOVED it!