Sunday, March 17, 2013

So proud of my little skiiers!!

They did soooo amazingly well! And more importantly, they both absolutely loved it. When asked if they liked skiing better than Disneyland, skiing won for Aidric and Disneyland only slightly edged out skiing for Juliet and her reasoning was that she got to have cotton candy at Disney :)

We arrived at Big Bear on Friday afternoon. Despite the 65 degree temps, we were SO lucky to have snow at our cabin!! Many yards were snow free, but since our cabin was set up on an incline and the yard hadn't been touched, it was full of snow! The kids were soooooo excited. And I was so relieved since they had been discussing what they would do first in the snow the whole way up there. (Aidric was voting for snow ball fight and Juliet wanted to make a snowman). They played outside for about an hour before we pulled them in for dinner.

Saturday morning, we took a quick 5 minute drive to Bear Mountain Ski Resort. They both had 2 hours of instruction in the morning and then lunch with us. They each took a turn going up the smallest chair lift with Chris and then went back to ski school for 2 hours in the afternoon. I was a tiny bit disappointed in the ski school at first. They just didn't appear to be doing much. The slope was just a TINY decline they seemed to be practically shuffling down rather than learning to ski. But, they must have been learning something b/c they did awesome when Chris took them down the mountain.

This morning, we had to be checked out of our cabin by 11:00, so I dropped just Chris and Aidric off at the resort. They had about 2 hours to ski while we packed up the cabin and checked out. We then met up with them on the mountain and Juliet was ready to go! Aidric had learned to maneuver getting off and on the lift without Chris's help by then, so Chris was able to take them both up with him. The first time they all came down, Juliet was holding Chris's hand and they were going relatively slow. The second time they came down, Mary pointed out a little girl in pink snowpants and we both said it looked like Juliet, but it couldn't be, b/c this little girl was skiing on her own...and skiing well! The closer she got though, we realized it was Juliet! I couldn't believe how well she was doing! Aidric was just a little in front of her, so excited to tell me how he was skiing backwards and on one foot.

It was just a wonderful, amazing weekend. So fun to do something with the kids that we could all enjoy together. Can't wait for Mac to be old enough to get out there too, but in the meantime, he had some great bonding time with grandma. They even went to the Big Bear Zoo on Saturday! The kids were all excited to share the weekend with grandma and Chris and I were so glad she was able to meet us there....both to share the experience and hang out with Mac for the day. Thank you Grandma P!!!

Some pics and video of our weekend....

 Sledding in what was left of the snow at the cabin. It was HOT, but wet snow is still cold, so short sleeves and snowpants/gloves seemed to be the perfect mix!

 Family pic before we headed out on Saturday!

 Juliet's in the white coat/pink pants here- took this while we peeked in on ski school from the run.

 My daredevil husband did the double black diamond "Geronimo" a few times. I patiently waited here for him.

 tuckered out....Aidric almost fell asleep at the dinner table. You can see our very "cozy" little cabin here.

I didn't bring my little camera in with me on Day 2 and while I did take some pictures and video wtih iphone earlier in the day, my iphone was lost and then stolen right before we left. (still hoping to retrieve it but expectations are low there....) However, Chris did get a few videos with his phone...this one of Aidric going backwards cracks me up. I'll post the other ones of them each going down in the next post...