Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hilton Head Day 1

Ok, this was really day 2. Day 1 was travel (car to the airport, fly to Dallas, "train" to other terminal, fly to Savannah, rental car to Hilton Head...good times with a 9 month old and 2 year old) and then getting settled.

But Day 2 brought the beach and then some of the "dollar spot" toys Gretchen and I picked up at Walmart in the afternoon. Note we introduced the recorders on the night that we happened to be going out to dinner sans kids. (We were lucky enough to bring the Nord's babysitter, Carryn, with us, as well as her friend, Kay, so they were home with the kids that night.)

Aidric in the ocean with daddy. He started out the week not being a huge fan of the water.

He "borrowed" these trucks from the little boy on the next beach towel and played with them ALL morning!

the recorders

We subjected our husbands to a few pictures before leaving for dinner- LOVE this one of Brent and Gretchen!

one of Chris and I being silly

And a rare (these days) picture of Gretchen and me

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Row Row Row Your Boat

So, we went to the beach for a week and instead of gorgeous beach pictures, I'm posting a video of Aidric singing Row Row Row Your Boat last week before we left. When Juliet cries (usually in the car), Aidric's first instinct is "STOP CYING DULET!" We've spent a bit of time lately reminding him that it is nicer to say something like, "It's ok Jules" or to sing her a song. So, now, it's usually "'s ok jules", followed by his rendition of "Boat".

(Beach pictures to follow!)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

update on Juliet

I briefly mentioned in a blog before we left TX that Juliet was tested for a UTI. It turned out the test was positive, so my pediatrician research was accelerated and we were seen here in Manhattan Beach last week. Her new pedi agreed with her former pedi that a VCUG was necessary to determine if the UTI was a fluke or if there she has any reflux.

So, the VCUG was done today at UCLA Santa Monica. The radiologist will be reading the full results later today and getting them to our pediatrician. Once our pedi gets them, she'll call us to discuss. The radiologist was able to tell me that he did see some reflux during the exam. He didn't feel like it was severe and the ultrasound was normal. So, my GUESS at this point is that our pediatrician will put Jules on a daily low dose antibiotic. It's a safe measure to keep any future UTIs at bay while buying us some time to see if the reflux corrects itself. I could be wrong- we'll know more later, but I wanted to update the blog now for anyone who knew we were having the test today and is wondering about the results!

All pictures taken PRIOR to the catheter being inserted- after this, I was in full on Child Life Specialist mode =)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And now for our first BLACK EYE

Aidric decided he didn't need a nap today, and after an hour and half in his crib, I gave up and got him out. (This was after I heard him banging his wall and yelled, "Aidric!" in a warning voice, to which he responded with, "no screaming mommy- use inside voice." Ha!

So, after several attempts at talking him into sleep, I gave up and got him out. He was being so cute and sweet, that I didn't even mind the no nap. He let me take a few pictures of him with some great light coming in. (AKA, the BEFORE pictures)

When Juliet woke up, Aidric and I went to get her, and he climbed in her crib like he always does. I got her out and had my back to him as I was changing her diaper. He had been jumping in her crib (bad mommy) and must have jumped too high while he leaned over the rail. I heard him scream and turned around to see him laying head down outside of the crib, with the upper half of his body in a wicker basket. OUCH!! These pictures are from AFTER we got back from the doctor. I am sad to say, it looked even worse pre-ice and even more so in person than in these pictures.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I can not even tell you how excited I am that moving to CA has brought me within miles of one of my closest friends from college!! Joli and I were roommates Junior year in our sorority house and then got an apartment together our Senior year. She has always been an amazing friend and it is wonderful to have her so close now! She and her son, Sawyer, came over the other day, and we had such a great time. Despite the toy stealing and cries of "MINE" from both boys, they got along great! They share a love of splashing in the water.

And eating.

I wish I had managed to get a shot that really showed off Sawyer's eyes, b/c they are GORGEOUS, but here are a few of him lovin' on his mama.

And his beautiful mama...who is about 16 weeks pregnant with number 2!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

first fat lip...

and it wasn't Aidric's. On the contrary, he was the CAUSE of the fat lip and poor Juliet was the victim. I've been unpacking like crazy and had just taken a long iron votive holder out of a box. Aidric picked it up and walked away. I told him he needed to put it down. Instead, he kept walking and headed over to Juliet. When I took a step toward him to take it away, he swung it away from me and right into poor baby girl's face. I know he didn't mean to hit her, he was just trying to keep it away from me, but I can not describe how, in that moment, he seemed like the enemy against my poor defenseless baby. I was BEYOND angry. When he apologized to her, he did something she found funny, and she grabbed his face and started laughing, reminding me that I needed to forgive quickly as well.

(these picture don't show it that well, but I assure you, it was bad- there were even little specks of blood)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last Austin pictures

Just a few random pictures from our very last days in Austin.

These are from my very poor attempt at an "8 month" session with Juliet. Poor thing was diagnosed with a UTI the next day.

Her first taste of peaches- the real thing, not pureed. She makes this funny face every time she takes a bite of "real" food.

And EVERY time I take pictures of Juliet these days, Aidric starts singing, "myyyyyy turn". He hates when I try to take pictures of him, but he can't let Juliet have a turn with something unless he gets one too!

This picture is just so HIM!

Last playdate

I'm so behind on blogging. Here are some pictures from our last play date with Kyla and Lily. Sadly, I did not get a good picture of all three of them, but luckily, Mollie was on top of it at the previous play date, so you can check her blog for some cute ones!

Kyla and Aidric coloring:

Juliet enjoying the playdate too

Mollie with Eve

We miss you guys!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

She's HOW MANY months??

She flat out refused to let me take a picture of her with her "8 month" sign. Stinker! I honestly can't believe it though. It can't just be me- second children really do grow up more quickly, don't they???

I'd love to do a fun "all about Juliet at 8 months post", but that's going to have to wait. I'm EXHAUSTED after a very long day which included a fever up to 103.5 (Juliet), a LONG visit to the dr. for both kids, one ear infection diagnosis (Aidric) and a catheter to determine if the fever is a bladder infection for Jules. Oh, did I mention we got rear ended while sitting at a stop sign? HARD! (but we're all fine)

And this is on top of the fact that the movers came today. 95% of our belongings are now in boxes and/or have already been loaded onto the moving truck. YIKES. It's been a lot to deal with in one day.

The good news is after 2 days of high fever, it seems to have gone done at least temporarily. She went to bed tonight feeling cooler than she has since it started. Really praying it's just some random virus, b/c a bladder infection would mean a VCUG. Yuck. Not something I even want to think about right now.

I have so many cute pictures of both kids from the last week that I just imported tonight. I'm excited to get some on here, but for now, this is it!

Wakey Wakey Doolet

Clarification on "doolet". Aidric can say Juliet, but 95% of the time he calls her doo-let. I don't know why, but it's cute.

Every morning she takes a nap and when she wakes up, Aidric RACES me up the stairs to get to her first. He gets really upset if he thinks I am going to get there first or get her up before he has a chance to get in. He loves to climb up into her crib and hang out with her. On this particular day, I brought my camera in with us, b/c I just love their interaction with each other! (I sat her up before he could get in- usually she's laying down and he very skillfully maneuvers around her to not land ON her!)