Thursday, August 20, 2009

update on Juliet

I briefly mentioned in a blog before we left TX that Juliet was tested for a UTI. It turned out the test was positive, so my pediatrician research was accelerated and we were seen here in Manhattan Beach last week. Her new pedi agreed with her former pedi that a VCUG was necessary to determine if the UTI was a fluke or if there she has any reflux.

So, the VCUG was done today at UCLA Santa Monica. The radiologist will be reading the full results later today and getting them to our pediatrician. Once our pedi gets them, she'll call us to discuss. The radiologist was able to tell me that he did see some reflux during the exam. He didn't feel like it was severe and the ultrasound was normal. So, my GUESS at this point is that our pediatrician will put Jules on a daily low dose antibiotic. It's a safe measure to keep any future UTIs at bay while buying us some time to see if the reflux corrects itself. I could be wrong- we'll know more later, but I wanted to update the blog now for anyone who knew we were having the test today and is wondering about the results!

All pictures taken PRIOR to the catheter being inserted- after this, I was in full on Child Life Specialist mode =)


Anonymous said...

She's such a trooper, so cute, just waiting for the doctor.

Gramcracker said...

Little angel. She is so sweet.

beth said...

What a little sweetie. Glad she did so well.