Saturday, August 29, 2009

Row Row Row Your Boat

So, we went to the beach for a week and instead of gorgeous beach pictures, I'm posting a video of Aidric singing Row Row Row Your Boat last week before we left. When Juliet cries (usually in the car), Aidric's first instinct is "STOP CYING DULET!" We've spent a bit of time lately reminding him that it is nicer to say something like, "It's ok Jules" or to sing her a song. So, now, it's usually "'s ok jules", followed by his rendition of "Boat".

(Beach pictures to follow!)


Richard and Sarah said...

life IS butter dream. :) love that boy. glad you guys are home and had fun. looking forward to seeing the pics.

Gramcracker said...

What a sweet big brother! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.