Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

We had a quiet day at home that consisted mostly of Aidric begging to open presents. We relented around 3:30 when Mac woke up from his nap. The rest of the night was a flurry of opening endless packages of new toys and video games and trying out each and every one of them!

Mandatory posing in front of the tree before we let them dive in.

 He looooves to get our broom out of the pantry and sweep the floors. We'll have to see if he likes his own half as much.
 Vitamix for mommy!!! Soooo excited!!
 It was really so fun this year...a ton of thank you mommy and daddy's and hugs and kisses after each gift. 

 Helping Daddy open a new shirt.
 Game from Grandma Ruth- so fun, it's like operation but dinosaur bones instead! And a little trivia too.

In just the last week, Aidric started asking for a spiderman costume and Juliet would tell anyone who would ask that she REALLY wanted a Princess Tiana costume. I am thankful for amazon prime 2 day shipping :) 

Cormac's gift from Grandma Ruth- really cute little tractor with a wagon and farm animals. 
 and my sweet little sick boy. He's fighting a really nasty cold. He was pretty miserable most of the day.
 Love my superhero and my princess.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Princess Party {Juliet turns 4!}

Juliet turned 4 on December 1st and we celebrated with a princess party for her. It always goes so fast and I never get all the pictures I had imagined, but I think I covered most of what we had going on here. There were five "stations" set up for the girls...Sarah was in charge of mani/pedis, I painted faces, Richard supervised princess coloring in the playroom, Mary helped the girls with princess crowns and my mom got the girls started on beaded bracelets. We went easy with pizza for lunch and then had a crown shaped cake I had made. And last, we played a few quick games: kiss the frog and princess parade.

Opening the gift from the Everett's...Sleeping Beauty Disney Store dress- SOOOO excited!!

 One of her bffs, Sarah.

 Crown decorating..

Princess Malia

Aidric insisted on helping with the mani/pedi station. He did such a lovely job painting Aunt Sarah's nails :) 

wands for favors


 And cake!

 Princess Penny

Batman Aidric 


All the princesses and batman 

Silly faces

Kiss the Frog

Present time