Saturday, February 25, 2012


I couldn't love them any more than I do.

Aidric was helping Cormac to practice sitting up. I love the "look mom, no hands" he has going on here.

Mutual adoration

Laughing when they fall..

And back at it again.


That's how quickly it seems like this kid is growing up. And it makes me so sad!! I'm not ready. It's strange b/c I don't remember feeling quite like this with the other two. And my theory is that now that I have an almost 5 year old and a 3 year old...I'm kind of experiencing the reality of how fast they grow. Everyone tells you "it goes so fast" and you BELIEVE them...but to experience it, even at this stage, is different than to just be told. Thursday morning at the pedi, we were in the elevator with a woman and her two kids..the son was probably 16 or so and she looked at Aidric longingly and asked him to press "P2" for her. And then looked (up) at her son and said, "I remember". When she caught a glimpse of Cormac in the stroller, I honestly thought she was ready to take off with him. I'm quite certain she wouldn't want to turn back the clock all the way. But to just experience it again for a little while? I think she would have jumped at the chance.

Enough of my rambling though...the reason for all of this in the first place is this little (big) guy! He's 5 and a half months old and his first two teeth came in this past week. I'm behind on my blogging, but he's already had green beans, bananas, sweet potatoes, applesauce and avocado. He loves to eat! At the pedi last week, he weighed 17 lbs. 2 oz. (WOW!!!) Finally, just yesterday, I decided to see how he would do with sitting up and he shocked me when he could do it!! Not long stretches of time, but nonetheless...he's sitting up!!! Wasn't he born YESTERDAY????

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ladybugs need sleep too

Juliet only falls asleep and actually naps about 3-4 times a week these days. The other half of her "naps" are spent playing in her room, and she generally manages to change her clothes at least twice during that time. Today, I went to wake her up and found her like this. Completely naked minus the ladybug girl tutu. Passed out cold. (Yesterday, it was her ballet outfit, but instead of asleep, I found her dancing ON her bed.)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

(You can click on each one to see them bigger!)

rub a dub dub...3 kids in a tub

ok, that was a cheesy title, but i couldn't resist.. how cute are they?? usually aidric and juliet take a shower while i bathe cormac in his eurotub. but i was doing baths without chris's help last week one night and decided to put cormac in with the older 2. c's time in there was very short, but so easy! aidric and juliet thought it was fun to have him join them. and i can't believe we're really only a couple of months away from him REALLY being able to join them. that will make bath time so much easier!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


So many things to say about these pictures.
*One of Coramc's nicknames is Cormacsaurus
*These (hand me down) dinosaur jammies actually say "snugglesaurus" on them
*Aidric LOVES dinosaurs, loves to wear jammies that match Coramc's and is THRILLED that they both have dinosaur jammies AND that Coramc's say "snugglesaurus".
*Morning snuggles between Cormac and Aidric are a regular occurrence. Aidric creeps into our room and if Cormac is already awake, he climbs into bed with us snuggle up with him.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Cormac 5 months continued :)

I was tired last night and didn't have a chance to put these pics in the 5 month post...his first time in the exeersaucer (january 10th)

and his first rice cereal (january 11th). Hmm, so I guess those should really have gone in a 4 month post. So, I'm behind. At least I'm taking the pics :)

And one more...I tried to take a picture I had seen on pinterest and loved. Since I don't own any red lipstick, I bought some...but it turned out to be too glossy. I kept meaning to re-do the pic, but let's face it...I probably never will. So, here it is. Smeared kiss and all, he's still adorable.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

5 months

How is it possible that my little guy is FIVE MONTHS old already??? This past month has brought a lot of change for him. We've done a lot of trial and error with medication to treat his reflux and have seen a GI specialist. He seemed to be doing sooo much better, but the last few days/nights have been rough. Not sure if that's the reflux raring up again or if we're dealing with something new. He JUST got over an ear infection....he's definitely teething, but teething alone never kept the other two up at night so who knows. I just sooo wish they came with a manual :)

I think I mentioned he started rice cereal right at 4 months, per Dr. Daisy's suggestion to help with the reflux. Not sure if it helped, but he loves it. He has shocked me with how he "gets it"- just gobbling it up! After a month with just cereal, he had his first veggies this past week, and we started with green beans. He loved those too....and he's got the stats to show his love of food :) I'll have to weigh him soon, but 2 weeks ago at the GI specialist, he was 16 lbs. and 26". Big boy!!

He loves his exersaucer, but loves it even more when someone (usually Aidric or Jules) stands there and plays with him when he's in it. I can't believe it is already time to get out the bins of baby toys I had stashed away. I can't believe it's time to get out the 6-12 month clothing bins already. It's going WAY too fast!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

to do list 2009

I just pulled out my copy of Richard Ferber's "Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems" the other day...and cracked up when I found this to-do list I was using as a bookmark.

I don't know if the picture is big enough to read, so here's what it says:

paint b-room door
power wash steps
return plant

scrapbook store
central market

dye eggs
finish pops
jumperoo out
order k-cups
solve juliet's sleep issues

ha!! there are check marks next to the things that are done and the circled ones are the the "high priority" items. i love finding little things like this...a perfect glance back at everyday life. we were getting the house in austin ready to put on the market, hence the home improvement items at the beginning of the list. juliet would have been around 6-7 months old at the time. i remember she was waking up and screaming in the middle of the night (after previously sleeping through the night just fine)...and when i would go in, she'd quiet down immediately. didn't need to be fed. just wanted mommy time. which is really sweet...but also really tiring :)

it's funny b/c i could make SUCH a similar list today...the house projects are never ending around here, the errands/returns/to buy list is ongoing of course, we just put the swing away and got out the exersaucer and i need to start baking for the valentine's candy boxes/goodies we're making for the kids' teachers. and of course, we DO need to solve cormac's "sleep issues" :)