Saturday, March 28, 2009

a brunch for Dylan

Today, we had a brunch to celebrate the birth of my friend Krista's little guy. He was born 3 weeks after Juliet. How absolutely adorable is he??

with mommy

and his big sister

Yolanda and Dylan

the food and flowers

unrelated to the brunch, but isn't she sweet?

and isn't he ORNERY?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Austin Rodeo

First stop: fair food. YUM. nachos with cheese, the best corn dogs ever and an order of curly fries.

Aidric was in tractor heaven. He could have spent all day on these and maybe we should have let him. Would have saved us $3.00 PER RIDE once we made it over to the carnival section!

On our way over to the carnival..(yes, just one black and white, my friend Mollie converted it to b/w for me and I loved it!)

Here we have the CAAAAAHS (said with a boston accent by Aidric). Poor child did NOT understand the concept of the END of the ride. He bawled his eyes out, kicking and screaming, when he had to get off. We let him ride a few times before we literally had to drag him away. We distracted him with one ride on the choo-choo before it was back to the cars.

All in all, a VERY fun day!!! (And tiring apparently; Aidric's nap lasted until almost 6:00 last night!!)

Sweet Girl..

is holding her head up so well these days. She's freakishly strong when you are holding her, but just hasn't been that interested in holding her head up until just this last week. She was working really hard on rolling over today, but couldn't get that inside arm out from under herself to do it! I've been working on getting some giggling videos downloaded, but for some reason I can't get them on here!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

He's going to hate me for this one day..

but, I couldn't resist. Juliet wears one of these adorable clips every day. (there's a link if you click on "these") Aidric always puts his hand over it, says "pease" or "petty" and asks me to put it in his hair. (He knows through trial and error that he is NOT allowed to take it out of her hair himself.) So, I oblige and he wears it the rest of the day...or until we leave the house, I do have my limits!

But seriously, doesn't he make the CUTEST little girl ever?? Why do boys always get the long lashes and big blue eyes??

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I really wish this was a post that I wrote- I wish I had thought of it and put it in words and in pictures. But, I didn't and Jennifer did, so you must go read it. It's beautiful and sooo true. And while I didn't write it as eloquently, it is something I think about- when he clings to my leg at music class and wants to sit so close we are practically one. He won't always want that. There will be a day when he will be the one putting distance between us. So, thank you Jen for reminding me to cherish him now in all his wonderful and terrible twoness!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Uncle John

It didn't take long for Aidric and Uncle John to become best buddies. When we were getting ready to go out to dinner on Saturday, I asked Aidric to come over to me so I could get him dressed. He came over, picked up his clothes and brought them over to John!

Reading a few books..

Jules getting some lovin'

Grandma and Grandma aka "Mamma and Papa"

My parents were in town for a week and just went back to Indiana this morning. We miss them already- Aidric had SUCH a great time while they were here. It took about 5 minutes for them to become his favorite people.

Aidric getting a breathing treatment and reading with Papa.

This is how Juliet felt about getting some attention from Grandma:

Here's how Aidric felt about Juliet getting attention from Grandma:

Let's zoom in on that scowl...