Friday, August 29, 2008

Grocery shopping is FUN!

Well, it is now that we've discovered the carts with the cars in front of them. We've used one of these the last few times and grocery shopping is a whole different experience! Prior to the "car carts" Aidric would reach behind him to grab something, throw it out, cling to my arms and whine for me to hold him, etc. It wasn't fun for either of us. I hope the novelty of this fun new ride doesn't wear out too soon!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Wow, he's so smart!

I have mentioned before how Aidric loves to pick up a phone, hold it back behind his ear and say, "hi-eeeee". He usually does this with my cell or our home phone, but the other day, he picked up Chris's blackberry. I was surprised b/c Chris ALWAYS uses a headset, so Aidric has never seen him hold it up to his ear. So, how did he know it was a phone?

I commented on how brilliant my child is, as he has never done this with the remote or anything else, so he clearly just KNOWS what is a phone and what isn't.

So, last night, I hand him his toothbrush and he happily brushes his teeth for about a minute before holding the toothbrush up behind his ear and saying, "hi-eeee"!

Hmmm, I guess it is a little early to work on his mensa membership.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Big Eater

Food consumed today....

Breakfast: 1 Morning Star veggie sausage link
3 large strawberries
1 set of 4 mini muffins (yum!)
6 ounces of milk

Lunch: 1 slice of deli ham
6 large grapes (gigantic grapes, actually)
1 spinach nugget
1 gogurt
3 animal crackers
6 ounces of milk

Snack: Gerber toddler "side" of mashed potatoes and carrots (weird snack, I know
but it was leftover from dinner last night)

Dinner: 1 slice of muenster cheese
1 stage 1 container of green beans
1 container of Gerber Graduates beef/tomato ravioli
1/3 c. of blueberries
1 piece of steamed broccoli (this was clearly not a hit)
7 goldfish crackers
handful of strawberry yogurt melts
6 oz. of milk

Am I wrong in thinking this is a pretty large quantity of food?? Other moms out there- does your toddler eat this much or does my child just love food as much as his mommy? =)

Sunday, August 10, 2008