Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Big Eater

Food consumed today....

Breakfast: 1 Morning Star veggie sausage link
3 large strawberries
1 set of 4 mini muffins (yum!)
6 ounces of milk

Lunch: 1 slice of deli ham
6 large grapes (gigantic grapes, actually)
1 spinach nugget
1 gogurt
3 animal crackers
6 ounces of milk

Snack: Gerber toddler "side" of mashed potatoes and carrots (weird snack, I know
but it was leftover from dinner last night)

Dinner: 1 slice of muenster cheese
1 stage 1 container of green beans
1 container of Gerber Graduates beef/tomato ravioli
1/3 c. of blueberries
1 piece of steamed broccoli (this was clearly not a hit)
7 goldfish crackers
handful of strawberry yogurt melts
6 oz. of milk

Am I wrong in thinking this is a pretty large quantity of food?? Other moms out there- does your toddler eat this much or does my child just love food as much as his mommy? =)


3greenbeans said...

While Ava doesn't eat QUITE that much, she definitely could give AJ a run for his money. She is eating me out of house and home!

What a healthy boy!

Spunky Toes said...

Breakfast and lunch look pretty normal but WOW dinner is HUGE! Sean has had days like that. He must be growing!

Marcia said...

WOW! He's got a vicious appetite!! Luke doesn't eat half that much most days.

Carla said...

You've got a little porker on your hands! Breakfast and lunch sound about like us. Lately at dinner he's been eating more than usual. Some days he could eat everything AJ ate for dinner.

Looks like he's getting a pretty good variety as well!