Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hiking and Horses

This is one of those, "why don't we do this more often" activities! We drove about 15 minutes from our house to hike these gorgeous trails. Overlooking the ocean for the majority of the hike. The kids whined at first and didn't understand that we weren't going anywhere specific...we were just walking to walk. Once we found them each a "hiking stick" and they took turns being our nature guide, they were more invested. I still wasn't sure if it was a hit with them, but they've asked several times since if we can go back and do it again.

We had a little time to kill before getting home for naps, so we stopped at a tiny little playground. The fence separates it from a horse stable and while we were there, a woman was out walking a horse. The kids walked over to say hi and pet him, and the woman offered them each a ride. They both ended up taking two turns riding Jackson.

New Blog on the Block!

I've started a new blog for 2013! I'm still planning to update here. Hopefully even more than I have been lately. But if I do what I'm planning to do, the new blog will have a short post every day! I'm committing to a 365 project this year. A single picture every day. So far, I've been able to write a little something about the photo too. That might not always happen. If I can just get the picture up each day, I'll be happy!

Here's the link...check it out and "subscribe" to it if you want!

Friday, January 4, 2013


They were having such a great time together today. I'm knocking on wood literally as I write this, but they've actually been getting along soooo well lately. Really enjoying each other, engaging in awesome imaginative play, building things, playing games (yesterday, Aidric was teaching her chess!), encouraging each other, sticking up for each other..just overall complete BFFs. I have been LOVING it. (b/c let's be honest....they often fight, whine, tattle, yell, kick, scream, etc). So, I'm knocking on wood and praying that this continues b/c it's absolutely heavenly.

I took this picture this morning. It's "day 4" of my 365 days project. More about that later :) They had begged for my phone and then ran off the stairs so that Cormac wouldn't try to get in their way. He's a little obsessed with my phone. (and with doing whatever they are doing!) Aidric is playing a new math ap I just installed and Juliet is happy to be watching.

During Cormac's afternoon nap, these two generally have separate quiet times. They generally beg to play together for at least part of it, so I do often let them have some playtime first. It's usually ended when I can't stand the bickering and fighting anymore. Today, they played together during his entire two hour nap (while I worked - and didn't have to get up from my computer ONCE to referee). Once he was awake, they asked me to keep him out of their space b/c they didn't want him to mess up their castle. (made of foam blocks)

At one point during his nap, they were playing princess (yes, that's a daily activity here) and I snuck into the playroom with my camera. After I found them, they explained to me that this is where princesses go to stay dry when it is raining out. (it wasn't really raining, fyi)

 I am so incredibly thankful for their friendship. I hope they know how special it is.  Though they will inevitably go through the rough sibling years, I hope that they'll always be able to lean on each other, be loyal to each other and know that they have a lifelong friend in each other!