Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm a horrible mother b/c Aidric has a custom Valentine's Card and Juliet doesn't. But his class had an exchange so he NEEDED a card...she doesn't have a class. I still feel bad, but not so bad that I'm not going to share his card here...he's just too cute not to share.

Aidric learned this little "Will you be my Valentine?" song at school and it's been NONSTOP singing for the last week. This first video was last week, when he didn't quite have the words down. The second one is from this morning- Juliet was supposed to do the "Yes, I'll be your Valentine..." part, but she chose to repeat the "Will you be my Valentine" part instead. =)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

a plethora of colors

She started out the day in a cute black and white dress with her sparkly red shoes. No fashion faux pas there, right?

But when she napped, I threw some purple leggings on to keep her legs warm. When she woke up, she wanted to keep them on. And then she wanted to go outside...and she put her red shoes back on. But it was cold, and this was the only hoodie we had downstairs.

Did we leave out any colors here??

When we hear ourselves...

Lately, I've been hearing a lot of myself in the kids. Admittedly, some of it does not make me proud, but most of it makes me giggle.

We are huge on choices around here...and Aidric has figured out that his 2 choices are often 2 things he doesn't want to do in a different form. "You can give Juliet a turn with the turn with the toy or mommy can take it away from you and I can give it to her. Those are your choices." or "You can choose mommy to brush your teeth or you can choose daddy. Those are your choices."

Lately, he's been giving me some choices of my own. We'd been outside for awhile one afternoon and we came back in because I was cold. About 10 minutes later, he asked to go back outside and I told him he had to wait until daddy was done working and he could ask him. He replied with, "Well mommy, we can go out the back door or we can go out the front door. Those are your choices." I seriously about fell over laughing. That is EXACTLY the kind of choice I would give him!

He's also been awarding me with one sticker on a regular basis, "Because you have been a good listener today, Mommy."

But tonight, it was Juliet who did it and I tried SOOO hard to keep a straight face and tell her sternly that it was not OK, but I failed miserably. I was giving them both a bath and they were taking turns fighting over EVERY toy in the tub. If one of them had it, the other one wanted it and tried to take it. I lost my patience and yelled, "I am going to take ALL of the toys away from both of you if you don't stop!"

Juliet stood up, looked at me and said, "I ah sick a ooh a-i-ude". I thought I understood her, b/c sometimes she's a little unclear, so I asked her to repeat herself. And then she said, clear as day, "I am sick of you attitude, mommy!" Oh my goodness. I couldn't even argue though...I was being pretty cranky. =)