Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Finally...we have a bike rider!!

The first time we took his training wheels off, he cried and begged Chris to put them back on! Then, he practiced at school with a super low wooden bike and again at the park with his friend's 12" bike and something clicked. That friend gave us the bike b/c he had outgrown it. The first time I took Aidric out to "practice", he just kicked off and his own and drove off!!! My jaw dropped....I ran in and got the camera and these pictures are the 2nd time he attempted...he rode it all the way down the street! (and I love the barefoot snow white running after true to our everyday life)

Over the weekend, we all took a walk and Aidric brought the bike. Our street is kind of hilly in front of our house, so this is just down the street..a nice level space to ride around. Excuse the fact that I was slightly preoccupied by the adorable baby smiling at me at the beginning of the video..couldn't resist a few seconds with him first!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Random Days

I think "future blackmail" appropriately describes these two pictures. Aidric was wearing Juliet's white and pink robe and fluffy slippers while playing with her dollhouse :)

Same day...this is not a day when Juliet had dance class. This is just how she was dressed when I got her up from her nap.

And the next day...this cracks me up b/c Cormac was SCREAMING and Juliet in her attempt to soothe him, was crouched next to him, singing her heart out. The result was chaos on top of chaos. (You'll notice Juliet is wearing the slippers this time..with nothing else besides a pair of underwear/bloomers)

And now it's Juliet crying while Aidric and Cormac are engaged in laughs.

Never a dull moment :)

Juliet's first playdate

Of course, she's been attending playdates since she was just a few weeks old...but they've always been playdates scheduled with Aidric's friends or the children of MY friends. Last month, she had the first playdate that was scheduled for HER. With HER friends. And she loooooved it. Since the park playdate, she and Jenna have had one other afternoon playdate and they are already planning a sleepover :)





Wednesday, March 14, 2012

halfway to a year

Cue the broken record...HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE???? I just can't get over how fast it's going. He had his 6 month well visit today. He's up to a whopping 17 lbs. 14 oz (60%) and 26.5" (50%). Nothing too remarkable to note from the visit...his latest ear infection has cleared up; he's on day 8 of antibiotics for that.

We talked about eating more than anything. He has been getting purees for awhile now- some days, he loves to eat, other days he has no interest. His favorite right now seems to be a mixed grain cereal with some fresh avocado smashed in. He hates bananas and is not a huge fan of applesauce either. I asked about giving him finger food- I'm pretty sure I didn't start the other two until a little later. He just lunges at our food and so many times I've had the urge to give him a little taste but couldn't remember when that's ok. I was happy when she said it's perfectly fine! For lunch, I went ahead and gave him some diced up peaches and he knew exactly what to do with them. It was nice to give him something to "do" while I got everyone else's lunch ready too!

He started sitting up on his own a few weeks ago. He rolled for the first time from back to belly the day before he turned 6 months. And here's the big one...this boy is trying to CRAWL!!!! Seriously not ready for that. At all. I am sooo not ready to baby proof this house and deal with a mobile baby!! I have a feeling it won't be long though...he pulls his legs up under his belly and scooches forward already. Again, I ask, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??????

He still wakes up once a night to eat. Actually, he often wakes up several times a night LOOKING to eat...I only feed him once though. The other times I either comfort him or he puts himself back to sleep. He wakes up again between 5-6:30 and I can usually talk him into extending the night a little longer by bringing him back to bed with me. I'm not going to lie, I love the snuggling time. When he wanted me to hold him ALL night, it was hard and tiring. But an hour or two in the morning? Absolutely perfect way to start the day!

Here he is at 6 months...these were taken on time, despite the fact that this post is incredibly late :)

This "on the back" idea seemed like a good one 6 months's a little "behind the scenes" of how much fun it really is to do...

I have a few more but blogger stopped loading pics for once, there will be a "part II" :)