Sunday, November 18, 2007

Aidric has been busy!

It seems that in just the last few weeks, we've seen a real personality emerging from our little guy! He is, for the most part, full of smiles and giggles for us. However, he also seems to have a bit of a temper. When he is playing with something, he usually tries to pull whatever it is off (like a toy that is dangling). Then, he gets MAD when the toy doesn't come off- he scrunches up his face and screams. Yikes! Isn't 5 1/2 months a little early for temper tantrums?

These pics are from a little over a week ago. I accidentally left his beanie on when I put him down for a nap. I could see on the video monitor that it was over his eyes while he slept, but it didn't seem to bother him so I left it. When I went to get him, he looked so cute laying there, moving his head from side to side like he was trying to figure out who turned the lights off.

When I started laughing while taking the pics, he started laughing right along with me! The kid was not in the least bit bothered by the fact that he couldn't see a thing.

Later that night, reading with daddy.

Trying green beans for the first time. Did he like them?

Hard to say...

A few weeks ago, he was sitting up on his own for just a few seconds. Now, it is all he wants to do! This is one of his favorite toys....

Lastly, here he is with his new friend, Ava. I know I previously announced a future wedding for Aidric and Claudia, but Ava is local.....only time will tell....

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Random Update...

One of my best friends, Gretchen, had her baby last Thursday. Since little Claudia is likely Aidric's future wife, I thought it would be appropriate to share her very first pictures here on his blog.

On another note, I have been going through our digital pictures and putting them on-line so I can order them. I thought I would share a few that haven't made it on to the blog yet!

I have mentioned before that Aidric and I do a Mommy/Baby yoga workout. Here are a few pics of Aidric working hard. It's not easy to be so fit and trim, you know!

Here's how I often find him after his nap or in the morning. He likes to kick his legs up on the side of his crib and just stare at his mobile and cuddle with his lovey. (He is turning into such a cuddler- when we pick him up, he usually throws one arm around our neck and squeezes!)

We have started giving Aidric one meal of solids a day. These pics are from his cereal days. I have some green bean shots on the camera, but haven't downloaded them yet. Those are some very pretty pictures. For now, enjoy the cereal!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Happy Cows Do Not Come from California

The Whole Zoo

Whoa, is that a spider?

Colton, aka "spidey" gets fresh with Grace the Smurf

Dude, are you ok?

Trick or Treat!

Our litle cow was not so happy at the Mom's Group Halloween Party. The poor little guy started screaming as soon as we put his costume on. We took as many pics as we could in less than two minutes. I felt like a horrible mommy, letting my baby cry for a photo shoot.........but, then I saw these pictures- and it was worth it. Credit for the captions and photos go to Mollie (mom of the adorable penguin).