Sunday, November 25, 2012

Soccer 2012 | Orange Fireballs

This was Aidric's 3rd soccer season (though 1 was just a short summer league) and once again, he had a great time playing and we had a great time watching him play. He is SO focused and intent on doing his best at every minute. Makes him such a fun player to watch. We witnessed his personal skills along with the skills of his entire team, improve so much over the course of the season. They went from focusing solely on being the one to kick the ball in the goal, to becoming aware of their teammates, passing, playing defense and implementing actual 'plays' and 'positions' they had been taught at practice. I'm looking forward to many more soccer seasons!

And these have nothing to do with soccer..just too lazy for a second blog post tonight and these were taken later the same day. I had just bought a new lens (35mm for anyone interested) and had it out to play.