Friday, April 27, 2012


Aidric and Cormac both needed some new jammies, and I knew how much Aidric would love if they matched. I picked these out and had them in my hand in both of their sizes. As I walked to the register, I realized I couldn't NOT buy Juliet some matching jammmies too. (even though her pj drawer is overflowing with hand me downs!) She would be devastated if they matched and she didn't. So, I went in search of something with pink stripes, thinking that would be close enough. They had nothing even remotely similar to the boys though. I asked the saleslady if she had any recommendations...even a different pair that had a matching boy/girl option. She said they didn't, but made the suggestion that I get Juliet the same pair. I looked at them again and declared her a genius. And when I got home and presented the kids with their new jammies, they were SOOOOO excited. They coordinate when they are going to wear them and one will hold off on wearing them one night if the others are not clean. So cute!!

As for "triplips"....that's Juliet speak for triplets :)

Aidric was not so much in the mood for a photo shoot when we got started..
He warmed up though.
Excuse the random editing here...I was playing and meant to go back and make them all the same but am just too lazy busy to do so!
And we ended the session with another one in tears. I always push my luck :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

He's on the move...

I posted his 7 month update 2 days ago. He was not getting up on all fours then. Now, here he is, and he's doing it! It's a short matter of time before he's racing all over. Whew...not ready for this!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's not easy being 7 months old

This picture! He was as happy as can be...smiling and laughing while I snapped a few pictures of him sitting up. Then, I laid him on his back to get the "monthly shot" and he was NOT a happy camper. I probably could have worked a little harder to get a smile, but I had two thoughts.

1. I was tired and just wanted to get it DONE.
2. Life isn't all about smiles...sometimes he cries. So, why not include a picture of him crying for his monthly shots?

And there you have it. He's adorable anyway.

But, a few to prove that getting his picture taken isn't all that bad :)
(this is his version of clapping..he gets the arms back and forth part, but keeps his hands in a fist still)

This one cracks me up's just so him. He makes this goofy little crooked face all the time.

Quick rundown of being 7 months:

Sleep has actually reverted since last month!! Ugh, he was sleeping until about 5 every morning, but now he's looking to eat around 3:30/4:00. And this boy is persistent. There's no, "see if he'll go back to sleep if you give him a minute" with him. He does not quit.

Including that feeding, he nurses about 4 other times during the day. He eats three meals as well...his faves these days are pears and avocado. I need to make some more homemade green beans for him- he liked them when I made them before, but I ran out and tried to give him some jarred and he flat out pursed his lips together and refused to take a second bite. Did I mention he KNOWS what he wants and what he doesn't? And he is not afraid to let us know.

He takes two fairly predictable naps. One in the morning about 2 hours after waking up for the day. That can last anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. His afternoon nap starts around 1:30 and is about 1-2 hours. Bedtime is at 7:30...waking varies between 6:30-7:30. (I can usually talk him into sleeping later if he was already in bed with me.) Have I mentioned our poor third child sleeps in our closet?? In our defense, it is a big closet :) We moved his pack n play in there about a month ago so that every little sound we make wouldn't wake him up and vice versa. He'll eventually move in with Aidric, but it seems unfair to do that to Aidric until Cormac is sleeping through the night regularly.

He's not crawling yet, which proves me wrong b/c about a month go I predicted it would be soon. He is still working the inch worm crawl though. He walks his feet up so that his butt is up in the air and then slides his head forward. This is not to say he is not mobile. He covers an amazing amount of ground with his skilled rolling :) And he shocked me a week or two ago by pulling himself up in the bathtub. It definitely won't be long....

According to the home scale, he's 18 lbs. 6 oz.
According to me, he's freaking adorable :)

That about sum it up!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I feel like we've been celebrating all week! It started on Tuesday with a Prayer Service at Juliet's preschool. I have a video, but haven't uploaded yet...I was in the back of a very crowded room, so not sure it will really be blog worthy.

Wednesday, Shelby, our babysitter, came over as usual. Except that she had bought an egg dyeing kit and hard boiled a dozen eggs. How nice is that?? The kids had a great time!!

On Thursday, Aidric's school had a field trip to El Retiro Park (in our neighborhood) complete with an egg hunt and an appearance by the Easter Bunny

Saturday, we attended St. Andrew's Easter celebration at Alta Vista Park. (St. Andrews is where I attend MOPS) Yet another egg hunt and bunny.

This morning, the kids woke up and when I told them that they had to sit down first before they could start looking for eggs, Aidric actually said, "oh, a picture first??" and proceeded to put his arm around Cormac and smile for the camera.

After the eggs were found and we had breakfast, we headed to church. Home for a quick nap for C and then off to the beach for a few hours.

A few family pictures after church:

It was a great Easter...and happy 7 months to Cormac!