Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I feel like we've been celebrating all week! It started on Tuesday with a Prayer Service at Juliet's preschool. I have a video, but haven't uploaded yet...I was in the back of a very crowded room, so not sure it will really be blog worthy.

Wednesday, Shelby, our babysitter, came over as usual. Except that she had bought an egg dyeing kit and hard boiled a dozen eggs. How nice is that?? The kids had a great time!!

On Thursday, Aidric's school had a field trip to El Retiro Park (in our neighborhood) complete with an egg hunt and an appearance by the Easter Bunny

Saturday, we attended St. Andrew's Easter celebration at Alta Vista Park. (St. Andrews is where I attend MOPS) Yet another egg hunt and bunny.

This morning, the kids woke up and when I told them that they had to sit down first before they could start looking for eggs, Aidric actually said, "oh, a picture first??" and proceeded to put his arm around Cormac and smile for the camera.

After the eggs were found and we had breakfast, we headed to church. Home for a quick nap for C and then off to the beach for a few hours.

A few family pictures after church:

It was a great Easter...and happy 7 months to Cormac!


B+J said...

Aidric and Juliet are at the perfect age for Easter fun--it looks like they had a great week. I am impressed that you got everyone out the door for Easter service. Especially considering despite our *best* efforts we failed to make it on time and ended up stopping for brunch 1/2 way to the church. Happy Easter and happy 7-months old, Cormac!!

Kate said...

you have the cutest family!! :)

Gramcracker said...

Looovvveee the pictures--gorgeous. Especially love Aidric's silly "hat".