Friday, April 27, 2012


Aidric and Cormac both needed some new jammies, and I knew how much Aidric would love if they matched. I picked these out and had them in my hand in both of their sizes. As I walked to the register, I realized I couldn't NOT buy Juliet some matching jammmies too. (even though her pj drawer is overflowing with hand me downs!) She would be devastated if they matched and she didn't. So, I went in search of something with pink stripes, thinking that would be close enough. They had nothing even remotely similar to the boys though. I asked the saleslady if she had any recommendations...even a different pair that had a matching boy/girl option. She said they didn't, but made the suggestion that I get Juliet the same pair. I looked at them again and declared her a genius. And when I got home and presented the kids with their new jammies, they were SOOOOO excited. They coordinate when they are going to wear them and one will hold off on wearing them one night if the others are not clean. So cute!!

As for "triplips"....that's Juliet speak for triplets :)

Aidric was not so much in the mood for a photo shoot when we got started..
He warmed up though.
Excuse the random editing here...I was playing and meant to go back and make them all the same but am just too lazy busy to do so!
And we ended the session with another one in tears. I always push my luck :)

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Gretchen said...

I love that they're all the same! SO cute - and tell Cormac to stop getting so big!!