Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cormac: 8 months old!

This past month has brought so many changes and new milestones for our little man! I've thought about blogging each time, but as it is evident, my blog is a little neglected right now. So, I'm lumping everything into his monthly post. Better late than never...and I always love that I have the blog to go back and easily check on stats and milestones of the other 2. So much I would have forgotten by now if it weren't for this!

The month started with crawling. I already posted a video of his first version of crawling. That lasted about 2 weeks or so. Full fledged, make me crazy because the kid does NOT sit still for 2 seconds crawling started a week ago. It was fun and exciting and cute for about a day. Now, I just REALLY wish we could go back in time. He is exhausting. His favorite thing to do is crawl towards some unstable item (like a kitchen barstool) and pull himself up on it OR pull the stool over on himself. He also has an uncanny knack for knowing where a stray piece of paper may be waiting for him and he beelines toward it to put it in his mouth.

In other eating news, he LOVES to eat. He likes some purees, particularly sweet potato, but he loves even more to pick up solid food and feed himself. He eats a whole morning star (vegetarian) sausage link every morning along with a few cubes of a puree, some puffs and any other small pieces of whatever we are eating (toast, pancake, waffle, etc.). I'm hoping this means he's going to follow in Aidric's footsteps and continue to be a good eater.

 I love that two of his milestones directly involve Aidric. The first time he pulled up was on Aidric. Aidric was looking the other direction and when I glanced over, I saw Cormac standing there, holding onto Aidric's shorts. I don't know how Aidric didn't notice this was happening, but he was so surprised when he looked down and saw Cormac there.

We were outside one day and Aidric was blowing bubbles for Cormac which resulted in his first spontaneous clapping.

Chris scored the first wave just yesterday. He was leaving for work and waved to Cormac from across the room and Cormac just lifted his hand and waved back like it was something he did every day.

Last one was just today. He crawled away from me and into the laundry room. When I followed him in, I was surprised to see him sitting up. So, apparently he knows how to go from a sitting position after crawling.

It cracks me up how many of these milestones have come as a surprise to us. I remember with Aidric reading all of the "What to Expect" books and just waiting for each milestone to come along. With Cormac, it's the opposite. He does something, it catches me off guard and then I wonder when he's "supposed" to do that.

He's growing way too fast for me. These things are happening way too fast. I just want to soak him up. I love the way buries his head into my shoulder/chest when I'm holding him. I love the way he pats me when he's nursing. I love his giggles which turn into hysterical laughter the longer you do whatever it was that he found funny to begin with. I love how he doesn't fall asleep at night until he's in his crib, but he's more than happy to lay on my chest and snuggle for as long as I want. He plays with my necklace, continues to pat me or just stares up at me...it's such a calm moment, with a few little grins snuck in. I love the way he smiles sooo big when I'm holding him but Chris is smiling at him from across the room. He absolutely lights up when Chris walks into the room and catches his eye. And yes, I do love the way he loves his mommy. I'm going to enjoy every minute of being his favorite person in the world for as long as it lasts.


Kate said...

awww!! Such a sweetie!! I can't believe he's 8 months already!!

B+J said...

Happy 8 months, Cormac. Miles apart, but on the exact same page. Our boys are on the move! I cannot wait for a Chicago reunion of the BFFs.