Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh My Goodness

Oh my goodness is one of the cutest things Juliet says on a regular basis. I wish I could get it on tape (in it's genuine state...not staged) so you all could hear. It's this adorable drawl.."oh my Gooooooodness!". SO cute.

Well, we were trying on her bathing suits tonight..going through the basket/bin to weed out the ones that don't fit from last year, etc. I bought this in the Gymboree sale a week or so ago and hadn't tried it on her yet, so I did tonight. And OH MY GOODNESS. How freaking cute is it??? I drug her downstairs to take some pics and she was loving every minute of it. Probably b/c I kept saying things like, "oh my goodness, you are so cute!". Aidric was at tee ball with Chris, so she was just eating up the attention and turned into a huge ham. I wish we had had a better background...there will most definitely be another "photo shoot" with Juliet in this suit in our future...

(my apologies if you've seen these on facebook....or OOF...I'm totally oversharing =)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pwincess Juliet

She's totally into being a princess lately and last weekend, she received this crown and jewelry set as a birthday party favor. She looooooves it and even carries the crown around after it falls off and I've gotten sick of putting it back on one too many times. I sat her down for a few quick pics, but it wasn't the most successful of "sessions".

This is the best we got:

This is her lovely "smile for the camera" smile:

And this one is more true to what she would have preferred to be doing at the time.

Monday, March 7, 2011

52 weeks catch up

We're currently on week 10, and I've been faithfully taking pics every week. Just forgetting to post them. So, here's catch up!

Week 6
On our way out to dinner at Mexican Riviera Grill.

Week 7
Just watching our Saturday morning shows. (Diego)

Week 8
On our way out the door..heading to the gym, our typical Friday morning activity.

Week 9
After Aidric's first tee ball game.

Adventures in Potty Training

I have been SUCH a horrible blogger lately. I wrote this post over 2 weeks ago and kept forgetting to add the pics and post it! Oops!


So, this morning, Juliet kept telling me she was trying to poop while we were eating breakfast. After, I went to change her diaper and she hadn't pooped. So, I go the little potty out of her closet (she had never seen it/used it before) and put it in the bathroom. Brought her in there and had her sit down..told her to poop and I would give her a special treat. Totally didn't think she would.

I went back into her room to fold laundry and she and Aidric were in the bathroom. I hear him coaching her and telling her to push, etc. but I'm just going about my business. About 5 minutes go by and Aidric starts yelling, "She pooped!!! Mommy, she pooped!!" I went running in expecting to see poop on the floor or something, but she had done it!! Pooped in the potty! I was clapping, Aidric was clapping, she started clapping for herself and said, "I so essited (excited) mommy!! Special teaty pease!!"

So, I put her in underwear and brought her downstairs for a special treat. I snapped a picture of her in the underwear and while I was taking the picture, I see a puddle forming on the floor by her feet. Totally peed in them about 3 minutes after putting them on. :)

So, put a diaper on her and go about our day. We pick Aidric up from preschool and when we get home, they went upstairs for something. I'm in the kitchen making their lunch and they didn't come when I called them. So, I go up and hear them in the bathroom. Turn the corner and this is what I see:

I seriously about died laughing..told them to stay right where they were and ran to get my camera. Apparently, Aidric had to poop, so she decided she needed to go too. He must have helped her get her diaper off, b/c she could not do it herself. (cloth diaper with snaps)

I also realized that I hadn't put her potty back together after she pooped- I wiped it out with a wipe, put some soap and water in it and put the "pot" part in the tub so I could deal with it later. Aidric had emptied the water and put it back together for her! And she actually peed in it! (and her diaper was dry)

So, thanks to my 3.5 year old...we may have Juliet potty trained sooner rather than later. How cute is he??


UPDATE: As of today, she seems to be getting it!! She is now peeing on the potty most times when she tells me she needs to. And Aidric is still being a huge help! A lot of times she sits down, stands back up after 2 seconds and says, "I can't do it" but he encourages her to sit back down and even reads her books to keep her entertained there. Here's hoping we continue in this direction!