Monday, March 7, 2011

52 weeks catch up

We're currently on week 10, and I've been faithfully taking pics every week. Just forgetting to post them. So, here's catch up!

Week 6
On our way out to dinner at Mexican Riviera Grill.

Week 7
Just watching our Saturday morning shows. (Diego)

Week 8
On our way out the door..heading to the gym, our typical Friday morning activity.

Week 9
After Aidric's first tee ball game.


Carla said...

Great pictures, Staci! How cute is Aidric in his tee ball uniform?!

Megan said...

You guys are ALWAYS so cute!!

beth said...

week 7, i LOVE it!!!! why do i not remember seeing this one before?? always love seeing your weekly photos staci!