Sunday, July 15, 2012

the phases/faces of Juliet

These were taken with my cell phone at a small aquarium last week.

First, she's mad at pouting b/c she's convinced that I'm NOT taking her picture even though she wants me to be taking her picture. (and I told her I was taking her picture)
 Realizing I am, in fact, not lying and DO have the camera/phone pointed straight at her, she flashes a smile.

Quickly bored with smiling, she moves right into a typical Juliet performance.

Things are never boring with her :)

Mac Attack!

 I don't think this needs an introduction or description :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Countdown to 1...he's 10 months old!

5 days late, but the poor kiddo had a fever for a few days this week, so attempting a photo shoot was out of the question. Took him to the pedi, no ear infection, no throat irritation, no runny nose or any other reason for a fever. She said there is a viral thing going around lasting 3-5 days. Sure enough, 3 days exactly for him. Just as he's not good at teething, we now know that he is not good at being sick. Typical male...very whiny and needy. But, also very sweet and free with the cuddles, so it's a give and take :)

If you read the last entry, you know I mentioned that it's hard to take a picture of Cormac these days because he insists on crawling towards me every time I try. That's magnified by 10 when I'm trying to take a picture of him on his back. The process was hilarious...until it wasn't. It got ugly and I realized I was angry at my 10 month old for not sitting still, my 5 year old not wrangling my 10 month old well enough and my 3.5 year old for driving me insane with her NONSTOP chatter the entire time we were trying to do this. Yes, I was angry with her for talking. Yikes. We had to call it quits. And, long story a little bit shorter...this the final picture we ended up with.

Aidric is actually IN this picture...and my photoshop work to clone him out is not stellar. This was the first picture I took though, nd they got progressively worse. So, here he 10 month old making me NOT look forward to the day he turns 11 months and I have to do this again :)

And here are some of the outtakes. This is when it was still hilarious.

 this is actually the one I used, pre-edits

What else to say about Cormacsaurus? He is a charmer. He gathers a bit of attention wherever we go. He loves to catch people's eyes and give him his slow, sideways smile.  He's also ornery. The slow sideways smile comes out right before he's going to do something he shouldn't. There are times when you can tell he WANTS to be caught. He makes sure you're looking before he does whatever it is. And then he GRINS while doing it!!

I don't think I've mentioned his sleep lately. For awhile, what seems like a LONG time ago, he was sleeping all night and not waking until 6'ish. That did not last long. I kept wanting the setback to be a phase, but if it is, it's a REALLY long phase. He wakes up now anytime between 3:00-6:00. He generally eats for a very short time and then goes back down until 6:45-7:30. And yes, he's still sleeping in the co-sleeper in our closet! I was determined that we were moving him in with Aidric and we got him all set up in there a few nights ago. And that's the night he woke up crying at 11:00 PM with a 102 degree fever. So, we're back to square one on that. 

No new milestones really. He's a speed crawler and can go up and down stairs. (Not a big flight and obviously we're right there with him!) He cruises around some and "walks" around by pushing toys that aren't really push toys. We somehow do not have a push toy in our plethora of baby toys. But, he pushes stools in the kitchen and walks behind them quite well. He has stood up on his own a few times, but sits down when he notices he's doing it. Originally, I would have bet he'd be walking before a year, but now I'm not so sure. He seems happy to be mobile without being upright.

He HATES...I mean truly despises, having his diaper changed. It's like he's offended by even the idea of it. Once you lay him down, it's a wrestling match to keep him there. It usually involves my whole body getting in on the action by pinning down a leg with my leg, an arm with my elbow, etc. He is strong though. And very strong willed. Good news for the future..this kid is not a quitter. He does not give up when he believes in his cause. (this applies to the sleep too)

He talks up a storm and we're pretty sure he has some real words mixed in with his babbles. The first word came a few weeks ago and was "no". I'm not sure if I've already blogged about that? It's incredibly clear and intentional. And usually said with the n very drug out. "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNO!" It's a lot of fun. He also says uh-oh when he drops something (intentionally or unintentionally). I'm blanking on other right now. Mama and dada are surprisingly absent! He babbles them but I honestly don't think they are said with meaning yet.

At his doc appt. Monday he was 20 lbs. even.  No height measurement since it was just a quick "sick" visit.

A couple of other action shots from the last month:

He is into everything...including literally being into the kitchen cabinets :)