Thursday, February 9, 2012

5 months

How is it possible that my little guy is FIVE MONTHS old already??? This past month has brought a lot of change for him. We've done a lot of trial and error with medication to treat his reflux and have seen a GI specialist. He seemed to be doing sooo much better, but the last few days/nights have been rough. Not sure if that's the reflux raring up again or if we're dealing with something new. He JUST got over an ear infection....he's definitely teething, but teething alone never kept the other two up at night so who knows. I just sooo wish they came with a manual :)

I think I mentioned he started rice cereal right at 4 months, per Dr. Daisy's suggestion to help with the reflux. Not sure if it helped, but he loves it. He has shocked me with how he "gets it"- just gobbling it up! After a month with just cereal, he had his first veggies this past week, and we started with green beans. He loved those too....and he's got the stats to show his love of food :) I'll have to weigh him soon, but 2 weeks ago at the GI specialist, he was 16 lbs. and 26". Big boy!!

He loves his exersaucer, but loves it even more when someone (usually Aidric or Jules) stands there and plays with him when he's in it. I can't believe it is already time to get out the bins of baby toys I had stashed away. I can't believe it's time to get out the 6-12 month clothing bins already. It's going WAY too fast!!!!!!


Kate said...

whoa!! Slow down C!!! Time is moving right along!! I can't believe he's 5months! So adorable!

B+J said...

What a 5-month old cutie! It is so funny, he is the same weight and length and at the same food stage as Oliver! He must be mature for his age (or Oliver is a bit immature)--either way, two peas in a pod:-)