Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last Austin pictures

Just a few random pictures from our very last days in Austin.

These are from my very poor attempt at an "8 month" session with Juliet. Poor thing was diagnosed with a UTI the next day.

Her first taste of peaches- the real thing, not pureed. She makes this funny face every time she takes a bite of "real" food.

And EVERY time I take pictures of Juliet these days, Aidric starts singing, "myyyyyy turn". He hates when I try to take pictures of him, but he can't let Juliet have a turn with something unless he gets one too!

This picture is just so HIM!


beth said...

Those are great pics! Can't wait to see what new pics come from sunny california!

Richard and Sarah said...

poor little girl and you're right, that is SO him!