Sunday, June 28, 2009

back to California!

No, we're not GOING back to California quite yet, but we're getting the blog back to CA to finish up the posts from our fun trip there! I've been waaaaay behind! Here are some pictures from our morning at Balboa Park- what a great place to spend the day! We went to the Air and Space Museum and then the train museum. The highlight of Aidric's day was DEFINITELY the gift shop there! He was in train heaven.

Aidric refused to get in the little plane, but how hilarious is this?

Grace is ready to go!

Uncle Louie

Aidric was happier to be hanging with daddy.

Chris took some great pictures at the water fountain while we took a break for me to feed Juliet.

Watching the trains


Richard and Sarah said...

love the little amelia earhart's! and i love the jumping picture and that aidric needing no coaxing for the 'jump' in action.

Gramcracker said...

Aidric and the trains! He was fun to watch with his excitement. And Juliet in the airplane--precious!

beth said...

love the plane pics!! and how fun are those trains?!? ethan would have gone crazy, i'm sure!