Thursday, September 8, 2011

Juliet's First day of Preschool

I know, I know, we just had a baby! But while he gets some love from daddy and the 398 pictures we took of his first 5 hours are importing, I thought I'd do a quick post about Juliet's first day of Preschool. She looooooooooved it. Love might not even be enough to express her feelings for it. She's been ready to go to preschool since last September when we dropped Aidric off for his first day. She spent the whole year begging to stay every time we dropped him off.

So, this morning she was beyond elated that it was finally her turn. She ran around the house singing about her very first day of preschool. I love how happy she was to be going!

In all honesty, Aidric was more hesitant about her going than she was! I asked if he wanted to say goodbye to her and he gave her this huge hug and told her he loved her. So sweet!

When we got there, she seemed overwhelmed for about 2 seconds before she told her teacher her name and we found her cubby. She sat down and played playdough and then did a quick drawing with markers. She wasn't AT ALL concerned when I told her it was time for me to go. Answered with a quick, "OK Mommy, bye bye!"

When I picked her up, she saw me, exclaimed, "MY MOMMY!!!" and came running. Made me feel a little better that she didn't care when I left. I asked if she liked her first day and she said, "I WUVED it mommy!! It was the best preschool in the world EVER EVER EVER." You know, b/c she has such a strong basis for comparison =) I'm so glad she loved it and I think she's going to thrive there this year!! (Her teacher told me she was a great listener, a big helper.....and they've already seen her sassy side when a little boy tried to take her watering can away and she gave him a piece of her mind and held her ground- yikes.)


Kate said...

I love that you were able to share this with her!! <3 She is so grown up!

B+J said...

I am so glad she loved it. I cannot believe you are blogging after just giving birth, you are Super Mom!!!