Friday, September 16, 2011

Sibling Moments

I am crossing my fingers as I write this and knocking on wood too, but so far, Aidric and Juliet are both pretty in love with Cormac. We're definitely seeing some attention getting behavior from them both, but no outright jealousy issues directed at him. They both look for him the minute they walk in the room, insist on kisses all day long and hate to hear him cry. (which, luckily, he does not do too much of)

The other day, Aidric was holding him and wanted to read him a book. I went and got him one, and he sat there turning the pages for him

Juliet generally asks to "hold it".

And because I can't resist him....just a few more.

Sidenote...I shamefully admit that that is indeed a pink boppy cover he's resting on. I had the blue one on initially, but he is a spitter and nothing lasts long around here!

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beth said...

So incredibly sweet!!