Friday, December 5, 2008

Taking after her big bro...

Anyone remember this?
Seems like Juliet is already trying to copy her big brother. She's taking a slightly different route though. Since Aidric was already in the NICU, they just put him under the phototherapy lights. With Juliet, they used a bili blanket that could be used right in my room. We had to rotate it from her front to her back every 3-4 hours. You can see the light glowing from under the swaddle. She's only slightly jaundiced, but b/c our blood types are incompatible, we learned she is COOMBS positive and that puts her at higher risk of her bilirubin levels skyrocketing to a dangerous level.

Her levels continued to rise, but she was discharged with orders to go home on a bili bed for at least 24 hours. Here she is on the bed at home.

This is probably the only picture of her thus far where I think she looks anything like Aidric.

We got her levels checked again yesterday. Once again, they went up, but that was expected. Their levels do rise as they get older. So, although they went up, she went from "high risk" to "intermediate high risk". That does mean two more days on the bed though! I hate it b/c we can't cuddle her and hold her and love on her- she has to be in the bed AT ALL TIMES. Technically, I am supposed to somehow figure out how to breastfeed her in the bed. Even the nurse admitted that was extreme and that she has yet to encounter a mom who has managed that. So, I do get some snuggle time every few hours while I feed her. Poor Chris just gets to admire her from afar. I can't wait until tomorrow when we'll hopefully get to do away with the bili bed!!!


SpunkyToes said...

Hoping you get good news at the next text.

Krista and John said...

Oh no - I'm so sorry Staci! She is such a darling in her lighted bed though :)

Bonnie said...

She is just precious! Congrats!