Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snowman Arts and Crafts Project

I haven't been brave enough before to attempt a true project like this with Aidric, but with the weather so cold, we need some diversions inside. (Yes, 30 degrees is COLD!)

So, I found a recipe for play-doh that would harden in the oven and we made the play-doh first (using flour, salt, vegetable oil and water) and then formed balls to make a snowman. Well, I formed the balls- Aidric smashed the balls until I finally had to move over to the counter to finish them. What a mess we made! Good thing daddy was working away from home that day!!

We waited until the following day to paint the masterpiece. And I guess all of the times that I've said, "We only paint on paper" actually sunk in, b/c he didn't love painting on the snowman and kept asking for "pay-puh".

As for Miss Jules- you can see she was VERY excited to witness this project.

A few more of her to show you the cute outfit she was wearing that day. (Thanks Aunt Sarah!)


Richard and Sarah said...

I LOVE the outfit! The tights are perfect. Looks like little man had fun with your project. Dare we attempt one with both of them in a week and a half?!

Janelle said...

Those photos are too cute!

E said...

Those are the most adorable tights!!