Saturday, December 6, 2008

The big brother?? Or the baby boy??

Aidric hasn't used a pacifier since he was four months old. And now that I think about it, none of his little friends have one either, so he hasn't even been around one in a long time.

So, the other day, when he went in the other room and didn't make a peep, I wondered what he was doing, but didn't go in to check on him. My mom came down the stairs and I heard her say, "What do you have in your mouth?" and totally panicked that in my neglectful parenting he had gotten a hold of something dangerous.

Completely cracked me up when I saw this instead:


Richard and Sarah said...

sweet little/big baby boy!

beth said...

so adorable! ethan does this too and always thinks he is getting away with something.

Krista and John said...

So cute! I'm living vicariously through you to see what I'm in for in a few weeks!! :)

The Karr Family said...

He looks so cute with his sister's paci!!!