Monday, December 1, 2008

18 months!!

Thought I'd be productive during early labor here =)

How fun that Aidric and his little sister will be exactly 18 months apart? He was born on May 31 and she (hopefully) will arrive today on December 1. The last few weeks with the little man have been some of the most challenging thus far, but also some of the most fun ever. His personality is just exploding. I love making these lists to remember the little details of his life and personality. I meant to start working on this list, but I kept forgetting to write them down. But, here are some of the fun ones Chris and I just came up with:

1. the EXPLOSION in his vocabulary over the last few weeks- he'll use words I had no idea he knew
2. how happy he is to play with anything that beeps
3. the way he plays in his crib when he first wakes up- sometimes for up to 1/2 an hour- then stands up and yells Mommy until I go get him
4. the way he gets SO excited, holds up his pointer fingers on both hands and yells "DO!" when i ask if he wants his vitamins. I'm not sure why he yells two, b/c he actually gets three of them. but two is definitely his favorite number......
5. speaking of 2, when he stacks his blocks, he counts as he puts them on, "two, two, two"- not sure what happened to one, three and every other number....
6. he is such a little flirt on the playground- the other day, he kept running up to this little girl, making her laugh and then running away, all the while making sure she was still looking at him
7. when chris and i are laughing about something, he joins in with this gigantic fake laugh that then cracks us up even more and the cycle continues
8. the enthusiasm he shows for some of his favorite objects, such as planes, slides, and puppies. he points with both arms and yells, "PAIN!!" or "SIDE!!" or, in a lower voice, "PUP-PY!"
9. how he still loves to read. i hope that gets to always remain on my "favorite things" list b/c i love snuggling and reading with him
10. the way he responds with "huv who" when we say "love you"
11. how his version of puckering up for a kiss includes an open mouth and lots of slobber
12. his HUGE little lip that he sticks out when he is sad or pouting
13. how he knows when he needs a diaper change, looks at us and says "poop" with a slightly pained look on his face, then goes to the changing area and lays down
14. the way he leans to one side when he farts- and then laughs afterwards
15. his little voice calling "alp" when he needs help with something. (such as in the first two pictures here when he got himself stuck on the kitchen chairs- I was cooking and hear his little "ALP!" and turn around see this. of course, instead of helping, i grabbed the camera first)
16. the way he doesn't just say no when he disagrees with something. he says, ", no" while shaking his head vigorously. he wants you to know he means it.
17. how much he loves to play in the front seat of our cars. he has honestly spent over 45 minutes at a time, steering and pushing buttons
18. his endless desire to know "wha di?", which is Aidric for "What's this?" I try to give him good answers, but sometimes, like when we're in the car, I resort to "button". "that's another button" "also a button" rather than explain what each button does =)

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Susan Wagner said...

And very soon you will add #19: How he gives his little sister sweet kisses or worries about her when she cries. Baby number two is magical for the entire family. I am so very, very excited for you!