Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rewind to Kansas

Almost a month ago, Juliet and I had a girl's weekend in Kansas! My cousin Shannon was getting married and Jules and I left the boys behind to attend. I had such a great time giving her that 1:1 time and my mom and dad loved doting on her too. A rare thing for a 2nd child to be the center of attention, but that she was!

Mother and Brother of the Bride

Matron of Honor, sister of the bride

The bride..and her dad, of course

After the ceremony, I took advantage of the gorgeous backdrop to take a few pics of family members.

Grandma and Papa with Juliet

Ray, Jen and youngest daughter, Josie


The girls

Those eyes...

Jules made the rounds. Here she is spending a little time with Aunt Sheila. (and Aunt Sheila's M&Ms)

Sisters .... Aunt Sheila, mom, Aunt Barb and Aunt Gloria

more attention..

My mom picked up her dress on sale at Target for $12. TWELVE DOLLARS!!! And I loved it. So cute. She refused to pose for a picture for me, so this is the best full body shot I have.

A rare picture of me with one of my children.

Here's the reason she was so popular with the big kids. She was fussing at the table, so I gave her my old iphone. (screen cracked and no service, but it still plays Dora)

Jules getting some time in with Great Grandma Ruth

And finally, the day after the wedding, Juliet and I had the opportunity to meet some friends for lunch and shopping. Kate and Kristi are members of an on-line mom's forum I've been a part of for almost 3 years!! It was sooo fun to meet them!!

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Kristi said...

It was so good to meet you and Jules! Love her Target dress!!