Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Juliet is going green!

Well, maybe...

After being inspired by many women, including Jenn from our playgroup and Beth and Kristi from my mom's forum, I've decided to give cloth diapering a shot!

I just received my trail package of cloth diapers from Jillian's Drawers. It's a great program- you pay a $151 deposit to try out a decent variety of cloth diapers for 21 days. You can send it all back and get all but $10 back. (The program fee). There are SO many choices in cloth diapering, it's overwhelming to a newbie. But, this will let us see what we like w/o a huge monetary commitment.

I'll be honest when ranking my motivation to switch to cloth.

#1. The environment. We're still crazy enough to think we want 4 kids. Aidric was potty trained right around 2.5. That means we'd be contributing approximately 10 years worth of disposable diapers to the landfills. UGH!! I'm already feeling guilty about the 4 years we've contributed.

#2. These diapers are CUTE! There are different designs and colors. And they seem so much comfier too.

#3. I've been working on the math. With Juliet already being 1.5, I don't think we'll save a LOT of money with her. My guess is it will really only be about $100. Right now, we spend about $40 a month on disposables. It's going to cost AROUND $400 to get fully set up with cloth. That means in 10 months, we'll be even. But, then we'll save that last $80 =) However....the savings on the next babies will be huge!! 2.5 years X 2 kids X $40 a month huge.

and did I mention how cute they are???


Mary & Ethan's Mom said...

I'm impressed Staci! I have lots of questions and am interested in knowing how this all works... especially with laundering the diapers and how many you actually need. Hope it goes well for you!!

Kate said...

good for you!! Let us know how it's going!

Beth said...

Yay for cloth! Cuteness has always been a big factor for me :) You can't beat how cute they look in just a cloth diaper.