Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 1 of cloth diapers

I received a few blog comments and emails from people who are interested in giving cloth diapers a shot. There are a ton of blogs out there with GREAT information, so I am not at all going to try be an authority on the subject! BUT, sometimes the easiest way for a newbie to learn is from another newbie who has the same questions. So, here's a quick recap of our day with some pics of the new cloth diaper model. (oh, and I've been reading this blog from a one time newbie to help ME learn. (as well as asking a TON of questions to my CD friends!)

I had prepped all of my diapers last night, hanging most of the shells and covers to dry, rather than putting them in the dryer. So, this morning, my first choice was the only one that was completely, 100% dry. The Bum Genius 3.0 pocket diaper (one size). My initial assessment: easy, like that it dried more quickly than the rest, a little bulky.

After we changed that one twice (generally, it's a one time use diaper, but she had just pooped the first time and I had a disposable liner in so it was a quick toss that out, put a new liner back in and keep the same diaper), we moved on to the GroBaby shell with reusable cloth snap-in soaker and booster pad.

I thought it was adorable and fit well, but changed her 2 hours later before leaving the house and I was shocked to find that she peed through (or maybe around?) the soaker pad. The shell was wet. I was hoping to get a few uses out of the shell since the trial pack came with 3 other soakers/boosters.(In all fairness, I did not pre-wash the shell and liners FIVE-SIX times like the directions say is necessary for full absorption.) So, we'll be giving this one another shot. I'd love to love it b/c it's also really easy, dried quickly and they have lots of cute patterns =)

Next, I put the fuzzi bunz pocket on her. (size medium). LOOOVED it. So soft, so cute, good fit. I don't have a picture b/c we were on our way to the park and when we got home I forgot to take one before I changed her.

I put her down for her nap in the Thirsties Duo. I don't love the way it looks. Pretty bulky. But, it did seem very soft and cozy. And it didn't leak after a 3 hour nap (and about an hour before the nap) so I'm happy with this one!

After her nap, she wore the Thirsties fab fitted diaper with a Thirsties Cover. It was also really bulky, but she wore the same one from 4:30-7:30 with no leaks. And the fitted is soooooooooo soft!! I took some pics, but have no motivation to import them right now...maybe tomorrow! Also up tomorrow: Dream-Eze all in one (that is STILL not dry!) and some prefolds with the Thirsties cover.


Hwannie said...

hi, i just found your blog through another blog and read about the cloth diapering! i'm considering it for my 7 month old daughter also, and would love to hear more! i hate all of the disposable options for her (though they were ok for our 2 year old). i will need to convince my husband though... i'm leaning towards fuzzi bunz and would love your opinions

Beth said...

Cute pics, Staci! Love seeing your comments on the different types. It is so interesting to see how different diapers work on different babies. We tried thirsties fab fitteds on Miles and hated them. Can't wait to see the rest of your options! And it is nice seeing what you get with the trial pack.

Staci said...

Hwannie- so far, I love the fuzzi bunz, but being that we're on day 2, I'm still really learning what I like and why. I've read a lot of the advice out there from Cloth Diapering parents and one of the best suggestions, I think, is to use these trial programs. There are so many out there! It's little to no risk and you find out what works for you!

Kate said...

Ok, I never considered CD before, but now I'm intrigued! Will I save money? And yes the environmental issue. Keep this coming! I am becoming interested....especially if I have no desire to EVER PT Logan after my experience w/ Mason! LOL!