Thursday, May 6, 2010

Reading to Juliet, Part II

This was yesterday morning. Jules was heading into the kitchen with a Dora book for me to read her. Aidric spied the book and KNEW better than to just take it from her. So, he enticed her to sit on his lap so that he could read it TO her. I wish I had taken video. Listening to him paraphrase the story for her was so sweet. She lasted about 2 pages before she tried to take off. He fought hard to get her to stay, but you can see her inching off and away in the last picture.

I was telling Gretchen about these pictures and how sweet the whole scenario was. She made a comment about Aidric always being such a great brother and so sweet to Juliet and then made a comparison to her own kids. And I had to confess right then. While they love each other very much and insist on being in incredibly close vicinity most of the day, it's not all sunshine and roses. Just yesterday, he dumped a pail of water right on her head after being asked not to splash her. And then thought it would be fun to hit her in the head with his (thankfully, nerf) golf club. So, there you go. They are very normal siblings =)


Gretchen said...

SO stinkin' cute!! And thanks for keeping it real by including the less-than-perfect sibling moments. It makes me feel much better. =)

Janelle said...

She looks like Maya with that blonde hair in her face!! You're lucky she keeps clips in, Maya has a permanent tilt to her head so she can see under her bangs. =)