Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Aidric!!!

I feel like there are times when I can not believe how old my kids are. But, in this case, it just seems right that Aidric turned 3 today. Maybe b/c I've been saying "almost 3" for so long, it actually just seems like it's FINALLY here. He's definitely been asking, "why?" about EVERYTHING for months now, and that is definite "3" behavior, in my book =)

We'll start the birthday post with a list of things we love about Aidric at 3:

*How much he loves to be with juliet. If he happens to wake up before her, he insists on being the one to go open her door and "get" her. If I'm going to the store and ask him, "Do you want to stay here and play with daddy or go to the store with mommy?" his immediate answer is, "What is jules doing?" He just wants to be with her ALL.THE.TIME.

*His love of snuggling. Every night, he asks us to come check on him (and julesy, and ourselves) and then when we do, he pulls out the, "Will you snuggle in my bed for a few minutes?" We can't resist...and I've even fallen asleep once or twice.

*The never ending flow of nighttime compliments. When we're snuggling, I don't think he wants us to leave, so he starts doling out the compliments. Generally, it starts with a simple "I like your hair mommy/daddy"....."It's so beautiful". But, the other night he noticed something on my arm and I told him it was a mole. He paused for a few seconds before he came back with, "I like your mole mommy. It's so pretty."

*His immediate response when he's done something hes not suppose to and you're in trouble, "I didn't mean to do it." Said in the SWEETEST, most INNOCENT voice ever. If he absolutely meant to do it, I'll generally say, "yes, you did mean to do it honey; I watched you, and you did on purpose." He'll follow that with a quiet, "Oh. I'm sooooorry." (again, said in the sweetest, most sincere voice)

*This is a TOUGH one to write out...I so wish I could get it on video. He says in a total stoner voice, "What is she doooooing?" or "Jules is sooooo weird." whenever Juliet is doing is something particularly silly. (often)

*The minute Juliet is disciplined, he verifies what she did wrong and then says, "But I'M not doing X." No, buddy, for this exact minute, you are not doing X.

*The silly names he gives us..."Mommy, you're a CAR." "Daddy, you're a mommy." "Juliet is shbaofabo." But, the minute we try to play along and give him a new title, he gets all upset and says, "No, I'm Aidric."

*He's such a people pleaser and always wants us to be happy with him. He often asks, "Are you happy to me?"

*How polite he is. I LOVE that he says please and thank you, your welcome and excuse me 99% of the time without being prompted.

*The protective of Juliet. If I ask him to "watch her" for me for a minute while I turn my back, he takes his job VERY seriously. I'm obviously still watching, but I do feel better knowing that with Aidric on the job, she is NOT going to get away from us. He'll grab her hand and force her to stand right next to him until I tell him he's off duty =)

purple anything
tanilla (vanilla) anything
thomas trains and train table
the beach
watering our garden
his big boy bed
cloud blankey
special treats
special milky (horizons vanilla milk)

Adorable "aidricisms":
Buzz Lightlear

Don't fret the lack of pictures in this post....I'm following it with a whole year of Aidric =)


SpunkyToes said...

Happy Birthday cutie!

Beth said...

Happy 3rd Birthday!!

Gramcracker said...

Happy 3rd birthday, little man! I love you so much. You are growing up so fast I can't believe it.