Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 2 in Cloth Diapers

These pics are from yesterday. Wearing the Thirsties Fab Fitted with the Thirsties Diaper Cover. She slept through a 3 hour nap and wore it for an hour or so before the nap...and NO LEAKS. I love how soft the fitted is. Seriously, I'd wear it...ok, it's a little too bulky for me. But SO cozy.

unfortunately, she's clearly capable of taking it off

This morning, we started with a prefold and the same Thirsties cover from yesterday. I need a LOT of practice with this. After watching some tutorials on youtube, I decided to keep it simple the first time. I just laid it out flat under her, pulled it up between her legs, tucked the top under and used a snappi to keep it together.

I'm sure I didn't get it right, though she wore it for 2.5 hours and there was a lot of pee when I changed her and yet no leaks! I'm trying to reserve final judgment until we've used everything multiple times, but I don't see myself loving the prefolds. I might try to work at least one in a day though, b/c they are SO cost-effective! (Again, probably user-error, but she also had red marks around her thighs by the time I changed her??)

(You can see she was kind of over me taking pictures EVERY time i changed her diaper!)

Here is the prefold without the diaper cover. This is unbleached, but they do come bleached as well.

Before leaving the house, we switched into the Dream-Eze AIO. Love the deep color and it seemed like such a great fit....until I put her pants back on. Hello J. Lo! It seemed comfy though, no red marks around her thighs and after 3 hours in it (and running around at the park), it didn't leak at all. It was soaked with pee, but contained.

And...our fave so is the Fuzzi Bunz Pocket, size Medium. Love the color, such a soft lining inside, super adjustable for easy sizing. No leaks. Dries fast.

So, we've tried everything in our trial pack now! I am reserving judgment for what we'll keep and what we'll send back ...and I think I might order another trial set in a week or'd be nice if they overlapped by a few days so I can prep all the new ones while washing used ones instead of feeling like i am wasting so much water!

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Richard and Sarah said...

that girl's got a BOOTY! :) so cute!