Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mac's One Year Photos!

From his very first photo shoot at 6 days old, this child has not made taking his picture easy on me! I had such big plans for his one year shoot. Knowing we had a family session with an amazing photographer planned for the following month, I figured I'd handle the one year on my own. Oh, this boy had other plans.

Sit in the rocking chair? Nope. I think I'll practice my surfing stance.

Oh, a picture with this pretty bouquet of balloons? Waaaaay too windy for a bouquet of balloons. There were tears (from our other children) when the whole bunch got away from us.

Look at the camera while I sit in this cute green rocking chair? No thank you. Not even once.

Oooh, sticks! Way more interesting than mommy's camera! 

SUCH a stinker!!! He really is lucky he's so cute :)

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