Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bike Rider Juliet

At some point in the last month, Juliet has fallen in love with riding a bike. The problem is that she didn't own a bike. Someone had given Aidric a small (maybe 10"?) bike without training wheels and that's what he learned to ride on. After mastering no training wheels on that, he has since switched back to his own bike. So, Chris moved the training wheels over to the small bike for Juliet. This bike was a hand me down hand me down. It was in bad shape...a half of one pedal was missing and the training wheels weren't stable on it. We started talking about getting Juliet a bike for her birthday and then one of the wheels on the hand me down bike actually fell off mid-ride. (happened to be mid-ride when I was out with Aidric and Cormac And it was time to move up the birthday gift.

I talked to my mom about it and she said she and my dad wanted to get her the bike for her birthday. They don't get to be here to see the kids open presents on their birthdays anyway, so we thought it would be fun to facetime with them and then have them "be there" when she first saw the bike. It was so fun- they (along with my niece Ella) even sang her happy birthday first!

We go for walks/bike rides pretty on a daily basis and she's thrilled now to be riding her own bike...she has 3 lalaloopsy dolls and she very fairly switches them out each day so everyone gets a turn to ride :)

The morning she got the bike, we took the kids down to the beach for a walk/ride on the strand.

 I took these just to document her first bike :)

This one cracks me up...she still loves snails :) 


B+J said...

Soooo sweet! What an awesome and perfectly girly bike. And I am happy to see that the blog has been updated to reflect the "family of 5." :-)

Gramma K said...

That was so much fun watching her get the bike, I think we should do half birthdays with all of them. Love that snail pic. and love the new blog header, finally a family of 5