Monday, September 10, 2012


This was the big year. Aidric started Kindergarten on September 6, 2012. I think we both felt the same way about it...50% excitement at all that was to come and 50% nerves at all that was to come. I might have been more nervous than he was. I was torn in regards to how to act. Should I make a huge deal out of it, celebrate it and make it really 'big' and make him feel special? Or downplay it so he wouldn't be nervous? I ended up going with the former and I freaked him out. The night before his first day, I turned on the monitor and we heard muffled crying. It didn't sound like Cormac and the more we listened, we realized it was Aidric and the soft crying was turning to sobbing. Chris went up there, and I sent him with motrin, fearing the beginnings of an ear infection. Chris came back down 10 minutes later and reported there was no ear ache. He was terrifed about Kindergarten! I felt horrible! We let him sleep in our bed and talked a little in the morning. Turns out he was most worried about eating lunch at school and he was convinced that he wasn't coming home until it was dark. I explained to him that his first two days would be half days, no lunch at school and he felt better.

Here he is with his "First day of Kindergarten" sign. If you can't read it, I wrote, "When I grow up I want to be a" and then he wrote in "Superhero".

Love him.

The night before, he informed me that Gracie's mommy had tied balloons to her chair on her first day of Kindergarten. Awesome. I didn't have balloons. However, I DID have a random punching ball leftover from a pack of 2 I had purchased when I only needed one. I wrote on it and tied it to his chair and he was thrilled. Doesn't take much with this kid :). 

 He refused to hold my hand on the way in!
 His preschool friend, Delaney is in his class and we arrived at the same time we did. They were both very happy to see a familiar face.

So cut the way they held hands and walked out to the playground together. 

Parents were invited into the classroom for a quick talk about some "business items". The kids found their tables and dove right in to the items set out for them. 


I can't believe November is almost over now and he's been a Kindergartener for almost 3 months. He loves school and he's doing great. He comes home excited about everything they are doing and learning and he's brought home a gold star for behavior each week. I'm so incredibly proud of him and the amazing person he is. I volunteer once a month for 3 hours and I just love being in his classroom with him and seeing how he is in there. He is such a good listener and hard worker. He is kind and polite. He is incredibly eager to volunteer an answer (even when he doesn't know the right one :) or to be the example. He's just a really awesome little boy and as I tell him all the time, I am so so lucky that I get to be his mommy!

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B+J said...

1. It is not possible that he can be in kindergarten already. 2. Love that after a rough night, he braved his first day and found his friend (adorable pic of them holding hands). 3. As a third-party neutral, I have to agree that you are a lucky mommy, Aidric is a really great kid.