Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cormac's First Birthday Party

Finally! At least I posted pics of him ON his birthday...now, the pics from his party. We had a great day with family and friends. Served a taco bar with homemade salsa and guac (thanks Sarah and Mary, respectively). I made his cake and rather than do an Elmo shaped cake, I made a two layer round cake and decorated it with different colored polka dots to match his invitation. Sarah dipped some oreos in chocolate and attached these cute elmo tags I had found free on-line! Chris did a balloon run that morning and that pretty much sums up the party prep!

Kids enjoyed a painting activity and running around like hooligans. Adults enjoyed adult beverages and food. Cormac enjoyed being in the spotlight and all of his fun new toys.

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B+J said...

Nice job on the cake! Wish we lived closer so we could help celebrate the milestones, but love seeing the pics and hearing the stories on your blog. Cannot believe our little boys are growing up so fast! BTW, I got Oliver the same B-day hat, but I forgot to put it on him! Wish I had now that I see how cute it was on Cormac:-)