Tuesday, September 11, 2012

la, la, la, la....la, la, la, la....Cormac's One!!!

Can.not.believe.it. A year????? Quite possibly, this was the fastest year of my life. I remember sooo well everything about September 8, 2011...it just doesn't feel like a whole year ago. This little boy has brought so much joy into our family. His personality is already so strong..it's easy to see he'll be the class clown. He looooves to make people laugh. He'll do certain things just to get a smile or laugh and then once he sees he's done it, he'll repeat over and over again, laughing right along with you.

He's super sweet and cuddly, but has a definite ornery and defiant side as well. He still hates having his diaper changed, so we battle multiple times daily on that. Have I mentioned his first word was No?? He is the most adventurous of his siblings at one year. Aidric wasn't a true walker until after 13 months and Juliet was content to scooch until around 17 months. Cormac took steps just after 11 months and is now what I would call a walker. He can make it all the way across the room and chooses walking over crawling most of the time.

He loves to climb stairs and furniture. He loves to explore in general. He does not like recent efforts in babyproofing that have happened around here :)

He loves Aidric and Juliet and the feeling is mutual. Juliet tends to sit and play with him...whatever he is playing. They are very sweet together and she shows a patience with him that she has never exhibited for anything else. If I'm combing her hair, she shrieks at me for EVERY tiny pull. Cormac, however, can grab a fistful and yank her head back and all she says is, "no, no Cormac..ouchie!"

Aidric and Cormac already roughhouse like brothers. Aidric's favorite game to play with him is "mac attack". Aidric puts something Cormac will want down on the floor and then he lays on the floor between Cormac and said item. Cormac crawls right over Aidric and then Aidric moves as fast as he can to remain in Cormac's way. Cormac has officially moved in with Aidric now. That's right people...he no longer sleeps in our closet :) He's been in his crib for about a month now. For the most part it's working out OK. There have been a few nights Aidric has had to come sleep in our bed b/c Mac was keeping him up. 

He is still a pretty big mommy's boy and I'm not complaining. He's generally happy with whoever has him unless he sees me. At his birthday party, if someone was holding him and I needed to keep my hands free for a little longer, I had to avoid a direct route past him. If I walked by, even in a 3 foot radius, he'd stretch out of their arms to try to grab me. I'm not going to lie, it is nice being so loved.  (Chris would like me to add here that Cormac gets SUPER excited to see Chris from across the room. Seriously, he does. His little face lights up and he shrieks in excitement!)

He's a big fan of nursing and I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to wean him. I'm not in a hurry to be done tomorrow, but I am looking to slow down and at least see an end in sight. I've just recently got him down to 3 times a day and am working hard to drop the afternoon feeding, but he is not in agreement on that. We continue to negotiate that, depending daily on how badly I want him to take that afternoon nap :)

I'll post birthday party pictures soon. (promise!) For now, his final monthly shot! I need to get these all posted next to each other soon!

Food: meat - loves chicken, meatballs, even veggie burgers/veggie chicken nuggets, etc.

Toy: He's a big fan of a few hand-me-down toys we've gotten out for him, namely those with balls to either hammer down or just place in the chute. At "Under the Sea" (an indoor playplace) last week, he loved playing in the Step 2 Push Buggy cars, so he got one of those for his birthday!

Book: I hate to admit that he's not a book lover.....yet. This is one of the things I feel guilty for b/c he's a 3rd child...we just haven't gotten into the habit of reading to him the way we did with the other two! I'm hoping that changes and we can ignite the love of reading soon. Of all the books he has, he seems to like "HUG" the best. Interesting that it is the book with the least amount of words :)

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B+J said...

Our little babies are little boys! I just love that you did these pictures the whole 12 months. I cannot wait to see them all side-by-side. Lots of love to Cormac this month while he enjoys being ONE year old.