Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Camp at the Zohlen house

Filling up a summer with fun activities to keep a 3 year old and 5 year old busy while keeping a 10ish month old OUT of their fun was quite the challenge. I knew I'd have to get Aidric and Juliet involved in a few camps or lessons out of the house. But then the challenge became finding activities/lessons they could do together, despite their age difference. I ended up brainstorming with a few other moms and then organized a fun little camp at our house for one week in June! Our favorite babysitter, Shelby, and her friend Kali, came over every morning that week, along with Aidric and Juliet's friends Jake, Benjamin, Grace and Delaney.

The kids had SOO much fun. There were art projects, obstacle courses, "learning games", snacks they made themselves, nature walks, scavenger hunts, science projects, water balloons, and a LOT of dancing and running around!

I neglected to get my camera out most of the week, but here are a few pictures from just one day!

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B+J said...

What a GREAT idea! It looks like the kids had a blast.