Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Day in Our Life 2012

I did one of these slideshows a couple of years ago and when I went to look for the blog post to put a link here, I realized I never blogged it! Oops...I'll see if I can find it on shutterfly and add to this post. It's crazy how much has changed in 2.5 years! 

This past Tuesday, I brought my camera up to our room with me when I went to bed. I started taking pictures at 4:48 am  and didn't stop until 7:37 pm. I took over 200 pictures but culled it down to 110 to keep the slideshow (relatively) short. It's a little over 7 minutes, so I understand if you skim it :) But, I love having all the mundane details of our daily life documented like this! How fun it will be to look back at 20 years from now!

UPDATE! Here is the video from 2009! WOW! Sooo much has changed!! New house, Chris not working from home anymore, 2 big kid beds and a minivan!


Gramma said...

Love love love the slide show, still waiting for birthday party pictures, but thanks so much for sharing this. I miss you all so much.

B+J said...

So sweet. What a perfect ordinary day to remember in 20 years!