Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy FIVE years to Aidric!!!

It has been a crazy time around here. Last days of school for both kids...Aidric's last days of preschool ever and Juliet's last days at St. James (she'll be heading to RUMP next year). Cormac turned 9 months and Aidric turned the BIG 5!!!!!

Here are some pics from his big day!

I worked at RUMP that morning, so a few from there first:

the preK class:

working in the art room

birthday boy! his list this year: favorite colors: red, blue and green favorite food: lean pockets favorite thing to do: play with benjamin what i want to be when i grow up: a paleontologist and a super hero

here we go round the birthday boy

being silly with benjamin

PARTY TIME!!! Originally, Aidric really wanted a big party..his whole class at a bouncy house type place. And I really didn't want we compromised. I gave him a limited number of kids to invite to our house and promised him a trip to Disneyland :) In the end, he was thrilled with his party and I had so much fun planning it for him!

Glitter Baseball Craft

Water Balloons ready to go!

hot dogs, chips and fruit
water balloon baseball!
cake time! (ok...cupcakes)

Captain America is a new favorite around here...thanks Grandma P for this awesome costume!

This is a thank you tackle :) He was so excited about Juliet's gift to him..Captain America stomp rockets.


Kate said...

Happy Birthday to Aidric!! What a fun party!

B+J said...

It looks like Aidric had so much fun, what a great 5th birthday!

Gretchen said...

I'm finally getting caught up on your blog . . . what a FUN party!! Love all of the baseball activities -
totally impressed by your motivation there. :)