Tuesday, June 12, 2012

9 months old!

The last month FLEW by. Just so busy around here. Cormac was born on Juliet's first day of preschool...and last week, he turned 9 months old on her last day of preschool!

We had his 9 month appointment today. I was shocked to find out that he has dropped in weight percentile to the 35th. I mean, can you SEE these thighs?? They are huge!! There is nothing petite about this kid! He's 19 lbs. 13 oz and 28.5" long. I think height was right at 50%.

His double ear infection has cleared up. He has 4 teeth coming in. (top four...the outer 2 are pretty much out and the middle two have poked through). Having these top teeth is already changing his appearance so much!! Glad I took these 9 month pictures right on time and captured this gummy little smile one last time. Speaking of these pics, I can't wait to line up all 12 months and see the change. He's wearing the same onesie in every picture (photoshop stamp for the month circle) and you can already see how it's getting tighter and the sleeves getting shorter.

Dr. Daisy's comments about him at the beginning of the exam were how happy he always is and how she didn't believe me (jokingly) that he is into EVERYTHING these days. By the end of the exam, she was like, "oh, you are IN for it!!" He is sooooooo busy. It's seriously exhausting trying to keep up with him. He tackled stairs a few weekss ago and he's not even a little bit timid about climbing up them. I've taught Aidric and Juliet how to gently pull him back down when he's only on the first stair or scream for me if he happens to make it up past that before I notice (yes, we need to babyproof)

He threw his first temper tantrum today. Full on. He wanted to put a cord in his mouth and when I said, "no no" and took it away from him, he looked at me with his adorable scrunched up nose, puffed some air out and then flung himself backwards onto the floor. After screaming and arching his back for a minute, he sat back up, made eye contact with me, grabbed the cord and shoved it in his mouth. Seriously?? Juliet #2??? Lord, give me strength!!!!

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B+J said...

Look at those long legs and I LOVE that smile. 9 months has gone by so quickly. I hope we can meet up soon!